Minimalist Home Design Concept

House minimalist or called desain rumah minimalis is a style of architecture building central be a trend in city. Architectural work building, including the house minimalist, is choices against constituted architecture as a result culture. Not only talkative follow trend. Minimalism is a pattern of thinking, work, and a way of life. A new way of looking inside look at design as a reflection of the way of life of the urban community is a versatile, practical, lightweight, efficient, and full of simplicity.

Minimalist House also comes with a character more clearly (the geometric and space shapes, simple), better (solid), and stronger with the empty spaces (few ornaments and furniture). The principle is simple, the more the quality of design, space is there, and the completion of the field structure should be getting better. But note too minimalist will be the single, sterile, and tend to be boring. For it is necessary to understand together how basic minimalist house development in the context of our urban communities. Take a look picture below!

desain rumah minimalis

What is the minimal form simple boxes or there is always another form?

Form a minimalist not have always simple box but can also shaped platonic geometry be part of a landscape which suddenly came up. However, if the house, are only required form squares hence form squares is the result of a process functions needs not by coercion or talkative following the trend. Minimum is ultimate ornament. Minimum of being objective itself and ornaments simple and pure ( simple and pure ). Straight lines; its smooth flat, sometimes coarsely, and a plane perpendicular department elbow. Blocking mass materials, lighting, reprocability, circulation concise, optimization multi-function space.

rumah minimalis

What kinds of materials materials used should be as little as possible? The use of a variety of materials such as wood, brick, stone, glass, exposed concrete, or steel can also be performed. The exposed the dominance of certain materials will produce different effects. Design and calculation of the structure of the detail can save the use of building materials with fixed optimal results.

dapur minimalis desain dapur minimalis gambar dapur minimalis interior dapur minimalis

The settlement started from the floor, walls, doors, Windows, vents, skylights, ceiling, up to the roof, with a combination of the use of the material on a consistent basis. Order (concrete, steel), walls (glass, wood, concrete plain/expose, steel, stone, brick, brick making, hebel), Windows and doors (wood, metal), stairs (concrete, steel, wood, fiberglass), skylights (fiberglass), floor (cement, terrazzo, ceramic tile, marble, parquet), ceiling (tripleks, gypsum) or without ceiling (concrete is exposed, exposed steel roof truss, wood) and roof (roof tiles, shingles, steel).

The use of bright colors ( red, orange, yellow ) on some field ekspos will strengthen accent house minimalist and made them the center point attention environment.

Are constructing a minimalist home design must be expensive?

For young couples or young executives who crave the minimalist House as the symbol of the life of the metropolis, the limitation fund is clearly becoming a major obstacle. Minimalist impression also appeared on the attitude of the architect, the client agreement as a potential occupant of the House, to reduces the variety of needs is not important. Only the essential function of the House are maintained so that if such a memorable home minimalist, it is simply the result of a process. Not the end goal. The beauty of the minimalist house optimally occur from the purity of the function itself.

What home minimalist comfortable to be occupied?

A minimalist will clearly feels comfortable to livable for the urban practical the department functional, light frugal; and efficient, for minimalism pengejawantahan their lifestyle is according to the needs of their functions. Symbol lifestyle metropolis. A simple way of life in total.

Furnishing the house following the fundamental forms of geometric building, efficient, and functional course. The arrangement of light a lamp being painstaking and artful ( a spotlight, a lamp cropping, a lamp hanging, a garden lamp) made the house looked more artistic minimalism at night.

The house of minimalism will continue to grow in line with the creativity architect, innovation design, and supported the sophisticated technology, creating an appearance of a minimalist will be conducted with breakthrough fresh, a more perfect, detail and the price is affordable. The presence of a minimalist in fact be a medium of communication between landscape architecture and nature and something man-made ( culture ).

In the end value of the beauty of the minimalist house no longer rely on artificial objects and ornaments, but more meaningful to a Verity of forms, functions, and soul space that was created. It is no wonder then the minimalist House became the choice of urban communities yearn for honesty and also simplicity.

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