How to Choose Bed Sheet Sets, Types and Materials of Bed Sheets

How to choose bed sheets? What is the best textile for bed sheets? What are the best colours and sizes? There are a lot of different bedsheets types materials, big choice of colours and Disney themes like for teens, kids and babies. but the most popular materials are cotton, satin,  silk and linen, the most popular sizes are king or queen and twin , and the most popular themes are spider man for  and pink winx for kids and twister for parents Bed sheets sizes.

Of course, bed sheet sets you choose according to bed sizes. But more and more people prefer to buy full and king size beds ( i have already advised it in my article about bedroom decorating ), this is more comfortable and people sleep better on larger beds, cause they do not disturb each other during night. Unfortunately king ( queen ) size bedsheets are not cheap at all. They are more expensive and it is more difficult to find the suitable colour for them.

Bed sheet colours. Colour is something you should choose yourself. Mostly people even do not care about bedroom design, and use purple bed sheets in green coloured bedroom. I advice to buy bed sheets of similar colour as your bedroom decor cause it just will not disturb your eyes. On another hand you can some some bedsheets of different colours like green, blue, pink, red, orange, and to choose them depending on your mood. I just do not advice to buy white ones cause they turn in to yellow soon. You can make them white again but chlorine is harmful for health, especially for children. Black bed sheets is also a bad idea, i have already an article about black colour disadvantages. And about the themes. Kids adore Disney themes and themes like winx and spider man, their parents prefer twister, young ladies like flowers and teen boys stripes. Do not purchase bed sheets of too bright colours. Though customers say, they do not see the colour when they sleep, this colour is the last that you see before you fall asleep, so it still affects you.

Materials. Cotton is the most popular material for bed sheets, it is cheap and that is why affordable. Silk, linen and satin is more expensive but can look more luxury and expensive. According to reviews of some customers, they can not sleep on silk bed sheets, cause they slide. I do not slide and you? Anyway, the most important is health. May be it is not good to buy Chinese products cause we do not know how healthy the paint is. Especially check made in label when you buy bedsheets for kids and babies.

Bed sheets thread count.  TPI, or thread count is a number of threads in a square inch. If you want your bed sheets to be soft and have long life choose those that have more than 250 threads. Under 200 is considered to be low quality. More than 400 threads can also be not so nice, so you can just keep the middle- 200- 250.

Lucky us, we can change bed sheets more often that bedroom furniture, so if you have already bought some and are not satisfied, just check for new collections.


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