New and Fresh Ideas for Bedroom Decorating

Bedroom decorating. Are you bored with your bedroom or looking for new colours? How to decorate a bedroom yourself? Here I want to mention that if you are not sure in your design skills, leave this job to professional designers, bedroom is not just a furniture set of a bed, a wardrobe and a dresser. This is your mood, your sleep, place to relax and romantic moments of your life. How to join them all? What are the best colours for bedroom, what is the best and most convenient furniture, what style to choose? Modern or classic? So many questions, it will take several articles to answer them all. I want to start with some new general ideas for bedroom decoration, so you can know what to start with at least, if you decide to do it yourself.

New and Fresh Ideas for Bedroom Decorating
New and Fresh Ideas for Bedroom Decorating

Master bedroom decor

This room belong to you and only to you. Guests probably will not enter it. At least they will do it once when you want to show how wonderful your new bedroom is. So you can design it totally for you and your needs.

  1. Very often bedroom is not only a place to sleep, you probably will want to read, knit or just watch Tv in it. If your bedroom is large enough for this, you should find some spare place for a comfortable chair, sofa and Tv, but if we speak about small bedroom decorating it is better to move your hobbies in another room like living room or patio, cause one of the most important points of comfortable bedroom spare place. If your small bedroom will have just a couple of square meters to move, it will not be comfortable in any way. First rule for your new bedroom decoration is minimum furniture!
  2. Ideal furniture set. If your bedroom is small, put one large king size bed and one wardrobe, this will be enough for comfortable bedroom. Paint it in to light colours like beige and add some light blue spots like curtains. If your master bedroom is large enough to put dresser, and a chair, be sure your bed does not appear in the mirror reflection.
  3. Lets continue with colours. For better sleep prefer light colours. As I have mentioned before, light colours can make your small bed look larger, if your bedroom is big enough, you can buy furniture with expensive dark wood colours, and add some beige to walls and carpets. Now you can find bedrooms furniture sets of all colours. Green, orange, yellow, red, just any! But experience shows that after using orange or green bedroom for 2 years or about, people want to change it immediately! Furniture sets for bedrooms can cost a lot, and it is not so cheap to change it from time to time. Colourful bedrooms are ideal for kids or teens, cause you know that when your child grows he will want to change its bedroom for sure. One more thing about colours. If you still want to make your bedroom colourful it is not a must to buy orange or red furniture set. You can just put some colourful spots like red sofa and bright blue curtains, orange artificial flowers in a vase. In short, try to add small colourful spots than big spills. Leave colourless grey outside of your bedroom and home in general.
  4. ligthing for bedroom should be as much natural as possible. Light changes the look of the room a lot. If your bedroom is in the sunny side of the house, you can use cool colour like light blue and light green for curtains and accessories , but if your bedroom is all the day in the shadow it is better to use colours like yellow, red and orange to make it warmer.
  5. What type of bed and other furniture units to choose? There are custom designed bedroom collections, outline quilted bedspreads, sophisticated designs and luxury classic bedrooms. Though some designers say that a lot of pillows is a must of every bedroom i do not think so. Especially if it is a small bedroom.
  6. Windows. Bedroom does not give rich decoration opportunity. Practical side of it less accessories you have less dust. Bedroom always must be clean and fresh. More opened shelves and accessories more dust you have to clean every day, worse sleep you have. It is especially dangerous for those who have allergy. Windows and window curtains is a good opportunity to show your bedrooms design. Well chosen curtains can make the simplest bedroom like a luxury one!

As I have mentioned, you should not buy too many accessories for bedroom, but it is a good idea to hang some pictures of family photos oh the walls. Just be sure frame design suits your new bedroom in general.


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