Carpet Cleaning: How to Clean Spots and Spills on Carpets

Carpet cleaning from spots and spills. Main rule of cleaning spots on carpets is: be quickly!

When you or somebody else spills something on the carpet you have to act quickly.  Quicker you are better the result and less opportunity that  this spill will turn in to permanent stain.

Carpet Cleaning: How to Clean Spots and Spills on Carpets
Carpet Cleaning: How to Clean Spots and Spills on Carpets

First of all you need to absorb the spill. Best for absorbing spills are white paper towels and absorbent cloths. It is important to prevent stain from spreading so start at the outside of the spill. Hold paper or cloth a bit in the air, do not put in on the carpet while cleaning! Do not use a brush. It will help the colour of the spill to get more inside of the carpet.

After the spill is absorbed you can start using some carpet cleaning products. Do not use other household cleaning stuff cause it may affect the colour of your carpet! If you have some different carpet from usual ones and you clean your carpet for the first time you can try carpet cleaner on some hidden area like corners. Always read instructions first, and use protections for your hands like gloves.

Clean carpet gently, again from edges to the center of the spill. Even when you use a carpet cleaner still you clean the carpet only with some white cloth without scrub and brushes. Scrub and brushes are ok for old spots though.

Carpet cleaner

Apply carpet cleaner only on spots. Use as little water as possible. In some cases water is enough, you can try to clean carpet with water only if you do not have any carpet cleaner at home. Sometimes people use dish washing liquid or laundry detergent. This is not right way of carpet cleaning cause laundry detergent maybe too harsh for you carpet and colourful dish washing liquid can leave colour on your carpet! Later you will spend your time with cleaning dish washing liquid from the carpet.


White vinegar is a good cleaning solution not only for carpet but also for upholstery and other house cleaning needs.  Mix vinegar with water ( 2 spoon per liter of water)  Be careful and use vinegar only for spots. Vinegar is a good carpet cleaner in case of spilling tea and coffee.

Dry carpet well after cleaning!


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