More Reasons for Professional Carpet Cleaning: Dust Mites, Spots, Allergens and Soil

There are a lot of reasons why we should clean carpets at home regularly. In this article we will talk about most dangerous reasons such as dust mites, allergens, pets spots and others.

More reasons for professional carpet cleaning: dust mites, spots, allergens and soil.
More reasons for professional carpet cleaning: dust mites, spots, allergens and soil.

Most of us are fed up with promotions of companies who are trying to sell us this or that product. The same with cleaning industry. Every company, that sells carpet cleaning equipment is interested in earning money. So sometimes it seems to us that they make problems bigger that they are. They demonstrate huge dust mites that are walking on our carpet, that we can never see with our eyes.

Dust mites

Lets confess, professional  companies do the best to sell their  supplies, but dust mites really exist, want we them or not! It is said that every dust mite lays 300 eggs and 200 times its waste. Their droppings mix with soil and dirt of the carpet and makes the carpet not only dirty but also dangerous for peoples health. Regular carpet clean will help to avoid them. If you have just decided to clean your 10 years old carpet then it will take time and effort to get rid of dust mites, and also you will need help of a professional carpet specialist. Carpet steam cleaning will help to get rid of dust mites better that other methods cause in this type of carpet cleaning high temperature is used.

Spots and spills

Spots and spills are not dangerous for pets and members of your family but they are dangerous for your carpet. If you value your carpet, and do not want to lose your money for buying a new one, you should remove spots and spills immediately after they appear on the carpet. This is the same for upholstery, any spot or spill, especially spots from pets destroy fibers of the carpet and when you at last decide to clean it, after cleaning you will notice that carpet at that place changed its colour and looks older that the other part of it. Removing spots and spills is the easiest part of carpet cleaning, you can easily do it at home with carpet shampoo without calling for professional  services.


It is advised to clean carpet every year cause the main allergens- pollen appear every year. You may not notice them, but they come from the open windows and with the clothes that you wear outside. It is very important to protect carpet from allergens especially if you have a small baby in the family. Babies are closer to the carpet that we are, and they take breath close to the carpet and it may lead to problems with health in the future.

Soil and dirt

As you know we have to protect our family from illnesses by keeping our house clean. It is easy if you do not have pets at home. But if you have, then you have to pay more attention to carpet cleaning than others cause dogs and cats, even if they are always clean and smell nice get from the street allergens and dirt with its fur. Every time you clean carpet you must clean your pets. Not with some  machine.

Pets fur

Even a very clean dog or a cat can be a reason of allergy. Probably, if you have a cat or a dog at home, members of your family do not have allergy. But remember, that your house is visited by your friends and friends of your children. Pets fur can be hidden in the fibers of the carpet that can also be the reason of allergy. Use powerful vacuum cleaners for every day.


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