Carpet Cleaner Rentals, Important Notes for Do it Yourself Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaner rental tips.  Some people prefer to rent carpet cleaners</a> than to call for professional carpet cleaning services cause it is cheaper. What can we do. We all have to save money in this or that way. In our  guidelines we explain how to clean carpet yourself, but renting  equipment is not an easy job. Renting is easy maybe, but cleaning safe is not. Read our  tips before you start using carpet cleaner. It will help to avoid mistakes.

Carpet Cleaner Rentals, Important Notes for Do it Yourself Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaner Rentals, Important Notes for Do it Yourself Carpet Cleaning
  1. Rental carpet cleaner may lack power as compare to professional truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines. What is the difference between professional carpet cleaner and a usually one? What is offered for rent for do it yourself cleaning? Usually carpet cleaners for rent are compact and small, cause you also have to deliver it to home isnt it? If you use professional  services that have truck- mounted steam cleaners the result will be much more different cause they are more powerful. All you can you, check the power of carper cleaner that you rent.
  2. Do not over wet carpet. It is really a very difficult job to dry a carpet. What will happen to your wet carpet? First of all, it will smell awful. It will take effort to get rid of smell later.
  3. Carpet cleaning solutions. Ideal detergent and water  solution must be about pH 9. Not 10! Read carefully instructions on the products. Different detergents should be used for different types of carpets! Especially be very careful for wool carpets!
  4. Do not use detergents with bleach and optical brightener.
  5. Carpets that contain silicone. Do not use anti- soil for them.
  6. Choosing Anti-Soil Treatments. Never use an anti-soil treatment on your carpet that contains silicone.
  7. Faster your carpet dry better. Use air condition, fans, dehumidifier, open windows, your carpet must be dry in less than 12 hours. Later it will get smell and this smell will go away only in two weeks or so. So do not plan guests during this time.

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