Carpet Cleaning Shampoos for Shampoo Carpet Cleaners and Hand Washing

Shampoo for carpet cleaning. Shampooer can be of 2 types: shampoo for carpet cleaners and carpet shampoo for hand washing. If you want just to clean a spot or spill on your carpet, buy carpet shampoo for hand washing. All you will need to do is to apply carpet shampoo on the spot and leave it for 5 minutes. Oxi action shampoos will remove spots easy.

Carpet cleaning shampoos for shampoo carpet cleaners and hand washing
Carpet cleaning shampoos for shampoo carpet cleaners and hand washing

Attention! Do not use carpet shampoo for hand washing for carpet cleaning machines! They produce too much foam that is not good for shampoo  machine. The same about carpet shampoos for carpet cleaners: do not try even to remove spots on the carpets by it, for a good result you will have to scrub your carpet too much and it can damage the carpet. By the way, carpet shampoos for hand washing also clean upholstery very well!

Shampoo is a detergent that can be also used for rugs. If you use shampoo machine, do know that it makes foam itself from the detergent and chemicals that are included in it.  Longer foam stays, better the result. Depending on brand names the quality of carpet shampoo and foam differ.

Carpet shampoo is not the  best solution actually. As i have already mentioned about shampoo , foam that was dried on the carpet will attract more soil and dirt, and if you use  shampoo you will have to clean your carpet more often, than if you used other carpet cleaning methods. The best ways of using carpet shampoo is to remove spots and spills by hand, immediately after it happen, and though new, modern carpet shampoos doesnt need water after  cleaning or spot removal still apply some clean water with cloth to remove shampoo from the carpet. If you use carpet shampoo in carpet cleaner, vacuum carpet well before you apply carpet shampoo, otherwise your carpet will become dirtier, not cleaner.

How to choose the best carpet cleaning shampoo?

  1. Carpet shampoo must have a nice smell.
  2. It must give good foam.
  3. Use organic , Eco friendly carpet shampoos for green carpet cleaning to protect nature, pets and members of your family.
  4. Do not use carpet shampoos with optical brighteners, the temporary dye carpet and give to it brightness and colour but in some days the colour will turn back and what is more, if the colour of the carpet is close to white it will cause yellow colour, so carpet will look worse than before!

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