Autumn Garden Maintenance be Ready for Winter Months

Garden winter.  Is your garden ready for winter? In my previous article about how to take care about the garden in autumn I have already mentioned that it is important to use fertilizer when the weather is not too cold and hot too hot, so it can be as effective as possible. This will help grass to recover after hot summer days and to be ready for cold winter days and next season.

Autumn garden maintenance be ready for winter months
Autumn garden maintenance be ready for winter months

Vegetable garden. If you use your garden for growing vegetables and fruits garden maintenance will be not so low as if you use it only for flowers. Do not forget to remove old plant matter. Always use compost bins, cause if you just through it on the ground there will be much more diseases on plants than this year. So what is next for vegetable garden care?

Garden soil. A lot of gardeners ask if it is a must to use rototiller in autumn. And I say yes. There are two reasons why you should do it. First of all, if you rototill the soil before winter, it will be easier to do it in spring, but the most important reason is pests, if you do not do it, pests will have very comfortable life under it all year round. Many pests will suffer in winter if part of them will be taken upon the ground by rototilling. If the soil in your garden has low pH, apply lime at the same time. It maybe too late to do it in spring. Topsoil can be protected from the rigors by planting a cover crop or by applying a mulch.

Trees and bushes. The easiest tip to winterize trees and prepare them for winter is to water them well in autumn, exactly in fall. Garden beds must be cleaned as well as topsoil. Always remove old leaves and stalks. Sure you can do it in spring, bu believe me, if you want low maintenance garden, it is better to do it before first snow.

Snow. If you leave in cold areas like northern parts of the USA, your garden care in winter is zero. There is nothing to do with your garden in winter. Do not remove snow from soil and especially around trees. Snow protects roots of fruits trees from freezing in the coldest months. If your next year harvest is important for you do on allow children to play snow in the garden and do not walk above yourself, let your garden sleep well all the winter.


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