Container Gardening: How to be Ready for Winter Months

Container gardening winter care. I have already told in my previous article about autumn garden care before winter. This is a bit different  to prepare container gardens for winter. Container flower, herb and  vegetable gardens have more advantages and low maintenance than usual gardens including advantage of possibility to move containers. In my other article i have also mentioned how wonderful vegetable garden on your patio can be, and if you have already have one, this article will help you to prepare it for winter months.

Container gardening how to be ready for winter months
Container gardening how to be ready for winter months

Possible dangers in winter. Roots of the plants in containers are no so well protected from the coldest weather in winter. Usually roots are protected by snow and soil everywhere. By when we speak about containers that can decorate your garden paths, paths have no snow enough to warm the roots, and it is just not enough to have some certain size of pots to protect roots from low temperatures in winter. Mulching and wrapping can be a good solution for cold regions of the USA, but ideally plants need to be moved to protected and warmed place.

How can I know if my plants need protection or not?

  1. When you buy seeds in a shop, always check if they are suitable for area of your living. Do not bring seeds from warm regions to cold ones and from cold to warm ones. Yes, even seeds that were suitable for north regions can feel themselves worse in south regions.
  2. Heated green house is ideal choice for container plants like flowers and herbs. At least you can use advantages of micro climate in your garden.
  3. Use the main advantage of containers move plants to the sunniest area in your garden. Area must be also protected from strong wind and high humidity this will prevent roots from freezing when it suddenly becomes cold after rainy days.
  4. On another hand there should not be direct sun in the place for garden plants. Night freezing and direct sun in the morning can just damage the plants. You should be aware of cold sunny days. If it is warm, sun can not hurt the plants much. Just cover them in freezing sunny days and protect plants from strong winds.

How to protect plants from frost

It is easier than you may think. Just do the right watering during autumn. Do not water plants and trees too much after harvest. More water in the soil  more chance to get it frozen. Water will turn in to ice. This will hurt roots and damage plants. It is easy to control watering in containers, so if you do everything right you may be proud of managing low maintenance garden.

The most big problem than can happen to your containers during winter is freezing and melting for several times. If soil is frozen once and melted in spring then plants have a chance to grow again next season, but if this happens for several times, and this is normal in some regions, then it is better if you move your containers to some dry, warm place. Before you decide to have organic container garden think if you can move them every autumn or you have somebody who can help you doing that.


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