House Painting Tips: Frequently Asked Questions on How to Paint, Part 1

Minimalisrumahdesain.wordpress.comHouse painting tips, part 1. With this article i want to start painting tips for house and garden. Painting in not something difficult, you can always do it yourself. All you need it to be careful to its smell and to air the house well after painting. Small parts and furniture is better to paint outside or at least on the balcony of you live in an apartment and have no garden or garage to do it outside. I am sure that once in your life, maybe at school or when helping your parents you have already did it and know how to pant. That is why i want to start with tips on different parts and details of decorations so you can see samples of work and maybe some of them just what you are looking for.

Frequently asked questions

House Painting Tips: Frequently Asked Questions on How to Paint, Part 1
House Painting Tips: Frequently Asked Questions on How to Paint, Part 1

1. What is the best colour to paint rooms with?

It is easy to answer this question if you have already furniture and curtains on windows. Carpets, rugs and tiles also are important but at least you know what colour is your room and what colour will suit them. It is more difficult to choose the colour if the room is empty and you are just starting decoration. It is not always helpful to choose the colours you like. Your cars colour will look different on the walls, so it is useful to read some designer tips and advices or buy some neutral paints. Neutral paints never look boring, they just suit to any furniture and flooring and even if you decide to change your interior design later you can do it without changing wall colours.

The first step is determining your color scheme by examining your existing furniture, window treatments, and other accessories (or shop for these items first). Choose your favorite colors in these items and visit your paint dealer to get coordinating color chips. Look at the color chips in the daylight and at night so you will see how lighting will affect your color choices. As a last resort, you might want to buy a quart of your chosen color and test it on one of your walls.

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2. What should be the colours of trim work?

Light or dark colours will help to accentuate trim work, ask yourself if you want them to be seen or to be hidden. If you paint trim work with the colour of the walls then they will not have attract much attention. If you use wooden furniture with natural colours and hardwood flooring then leaving them in natural wooden colour will be also nice.

3. Colours on the wall sometimes look darker than when i choose them from catalog, should i choose lighter colours?

Yes, this is true. Sometimes we buy paints for walls and after they are applied we find our walls darker than it was expected. Why it happens so? First of all lighting of your room will affect the paint. Sunny side will always look brighter. Big and small rooms look different too. Choose light colours for small rooms and you can afford darker colours in big rooms. Room decoration like mirrors, curtains on the windows and furniture everything affects the colour. One more important thing- if you apply the colour on the white wall it will be lighter than if you have had already some dark colour and you want to change it. It may require to paint the wall 2 or 3 times to close the previous colour and your new paint will still look darker that it was in the shop.

Panting tips, Part 2


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