How to Paint, House Painting Tips, Part 2

Painting tips, part 2. Learn how to paint. It is not difficult at all. In my first article about painting, i have already answered some questions on painting walls in the house. Here i want to continue my advices for those who want to do it himself.

1. Do colours affect room size? Which colours to choose for small and big rooms?

Everybody knows that light colours make room bigger and dark colours smaller. This is a common rule for house painting but you also should know that different colours affect different on each room. Red, orange and yellow colours make room smaller, a can say even more narrow, though they are considered to be warm and comfortable colours.

How to Paint, House Painting Tips, Part 2
How to Paint, House Painting Tips, Part 2

Yellow colour is not so popular for house decoration and painting walls. Red and orange are also chosen only by a few percent of people, but if the colour is chosen right it look really beautiful. Do not refuse from these colours only just because the others do not use them. Right colour and paint type, suitable furniture can make the room really comfortable and modern at the same time. Opposite colours to red, orange and yellow are violet, blue and green. They make room look colder and larger. Though this is valid only for light colours, dark green, dark blue and dark violet will make room look smaller and colder, so it may be even worse choice that red, orange and yellow. If the room it too small, do choose white, beige, light pink, peach and light green and blue colours.

2. How to choose colour for ceiling? Classic white colour is being changed by other colours, even dark ones. What is the best colour for ceiling?

Do you know why people paint ceiling in white for ages? White colour make it higher and room larger. If you have high ceiling in your house you can afford darker colours, your rooms will look more cosy. If you do not know what colour to choose and if your ceiling is high enough to paint it in other colours, paint it in white. By the way, do not paint ceiling in the same colour with walls. It will make a feeling of living in a box.

3. Paint finishes. How to choose the best one?

Different types of paint finishes affect the look of walls in different way. For example flat painted finish do not have shine and hide minor surface imperfections. If you decide to use flat paint finishing, choose only stain resistant ones. Velvet ( eggshell ) paint finishes give soft glow and room looks cosy. It is suitable for every room and is easy to clean. That is why a lot of people prefer this type of paint finish. Semi gloss and satin paint finish are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, doors and trim work cause it is easy to clean them. Gloss painting finish is ideal for doors and trip work cause they are shiny.

4. What type of paint to use? Oil based paint or water based paint? What is the difference between them?

It is better to use oil paint ( alkyd ) for all types of wood: windows, doors, floors and furniture. Water paint ( latex ) is suitable for all the other jobs in the house and garden. Water based paint is easy to be cleaned, does not have so much smell and dries faster.

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