Introduce Style with an Antique Bathroom Vanity Purchasing an old house can be tricky.  Older homes deserve special treatment.  You have to make sure that everything is running properly and that usually requires a professional.  Further, you will have to replace the fixtures and appliances with newer ones.  Whenever you buy new appliances it seems like you do not have much of a choice.  You cannot simply go out and buy a brand new antique refrigerator or stove.  You cannot easily pick up an old fashioned washer and dryer, not that you would want to.  It seems you could find used major appliances, but you would have to sacrifice the latest technology for style.  Luckily, this is not the case for your bathroom.

Introduce Style with an Antique Bathroom Vanity
Introduce Style with an Antique Bathroom Vanity

Just because you have an older home, it doesn’t mean you have to keep your old, worn out sink.  There are many options available to purchase a new antique bathroom vanity.  Of course they are not really antiques; they just have the antique style.  These styles include carved wood, curved legs, and antique brass.  Even the faucet handles have that old-fashioned look to them.  Not every antique vanity has legs, some just rest on their base.  It is rare that you will ever see one of these older designs hanging from the wall.  Only the new modern vanities offer this feature. If you have a smaller bathroom, you will love the single antique bathroom vanity.

The designs on some of these have rounded cabinets that match the contour of the sink.  They are small but very stylish with brilliant stained wooden cabinets.  Some cabinets are stained with a fantastic mahogany color, while others offer an off cream or buttermilk finish.  The construction is very sturdy; in fact, they use modern technology to make sure these vanities will last a lifetime.  The wood is also very thick and not made of pressed wood, unless you decide to spend a very small amount.

Many antique vanities also come with antique mirrors.  There are brass-bordered oval mirrors, or wood-bordered square mirrors with that special touch of elegance.  Regardless, these mirrors all have the same quality you would come to expect from modern technology.   The best part is that these units are not the only appliance you can replace for that modern look.  Unlike the kitchen, there are plenty of options to purchase a new antique bathtub and an antique commode.  It just requires a little research, start by going to and typing in antique bathroom vanity.


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