Why You Should not Decorate you Home in Black

Home decoration in black. Once i had to look for an apartment for rent and i met with some apartments that had black colours in decorating. Black colour can look nice when we speak about clothes or shoes. But not house. There are two main disadvantages of black color. What is more i can say: do not decorate your house or bathroom in black.

1. Black Hole

If we think about psychology black colour always means a hole or emptiness. We can not see anything in a hole if it is in the shade. We scare to enter darkness and we we always scare to fall down. Of course a carpet in your house is not a hole, but black tiles or carpet on the floor can always bring this feeling to you, even if you do not notice it. If you buy black carpet or even worse, you use black tiles for flooring it will always give negative feeling to you even if you do not pay to it much attention. Furniture in black may look stylish and you can buy black furniture like sofa for living room but there is one more disadvantage why you should not do it.

Why You Should not Decorate you Home in Black
Why You Should not Decorate you Home in Black

2. Dirty black

It works only on black shoes when you can be sure that your shoes are dirty when you come from a walk. It is not the same with furniture. Dirt on black furniture can hardly be noticed and maybe it is perfect for those who is looking for low maintenance. But hygiene is low also. You can never see how clear your furniture is. Well, maybe you change your clothes when you enter home but it is not the same about bathrooms. Lime as it is white will be seen, but dirt will not be. You will always think how lucky you are, you bathroom is clean, your bathtub is self cleaned. Do not lie to yourself. Even blue colour of bathtub can hide dirt. The only colour suitable for bathtub is white, if it is white you will see how quickly it becomes yellow or gray after each cleaning.

Ask to yourself, do you really need black colours in your home decoration? Black colours will give stylish view of your rooms but never cosiness. You can combine colours but mixing black with other colours like white, red and any other that suit each other, but do not decorate your floors and bathroom at least. Do not buy black fridge. Kitchen and fridge is a symbol of wellness in your house. Wellness will disappear in this black hole and one day you will want to change everything to warmer colours and it will cost you a lot. Think twice.


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