Installing Ceramic Tile Wall for Kitchen Area – Kitchen ceramic wall. Ceramic tile wall in the kitchen is a must for oven, sink and fridge side. Yes, it is better to install tiles behind the fridge too. The vest placement for kitchen stuff is one raw, like: oven, dish washing machine, sink and rubbish bin under it and fridge. This is the ideal way of keeping the kitchen clean and organized. Installing tiles then will not be a big problem and you can do it yourself. There is no need to put tiles all the wall from floor to ceiling. Tiles can star from the furniture and be about 50 cm height. This will be enough to keep the wall clean. Nowadays almost all new house have this tile raw in the kitchens, but if yours does not, read the guidelines, maybe you can do it easily. It will take not more than 2 days only.

Installing Ceramic Tile Wall for Kitchen Area
Installing Ceramic Tile Wall for Kitchen Area

How to install ceramic tiles wall:

1. How many tile do I need? Check how long your wall is and how high you want it to be. Use tile calculator or just give measures to the tile specialist at the market where you are shopping and choose the colour and tile size you want. Is tile size important? Actually yes. Small tiles look smarter than big ones. The most important question is colour. Let it be any that suits your kitchen but black. I have already mentioned disadvantages of black colour in home decoration in my previous article.

2. Buy all necessary tools at the same market where you are shopping. They are: rubber grout float, goggles, notched trowel, tile nippers and saw, tile cutter, level and tape measure of course. You will also need screws, plastic washers, waterproof grout and mastic tile adhesive, latex gloves. Seems too much? What can we do, this is a normal list of tools for tile walls.

3. Make the wall clean and dry. Use dehumidifier, especially if it is a new house.

Attention! If you are not sure in the result do not do it. Call for a professional and leave the job to the specialists. Do not forget about self protection and using goggles and gloves when working. Read manual of each tool you use before start working. When installing tiles, pay attention to the colour and pattern of tiles, it will be difficult to change them later. It is better if you do it with a help of somebody else, who can watch you and your work.


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