Lawn Care Tips, Some Moments to Remember for Lawn Owners

Lawn care tips. How to take care of your lawn and to keep it perfect in all seasons? There are a lot of articles about garden and lawn care in our Home and Garden Blog, so in this article i just want to mention the most important moments that can be useful for you as a lawn owner.

1. Do not remove lawn clippings after mowing. Yes, I must confess, lawn looks a bit messy and especially for that some models of lawn mowers have a bags. But the thing is that it is a good source of nutrients for soil and for your lawn. So it maybe really helpful for organic growth of grass.

2. Choose right plants and grass types. If it is your first lawn, and your first experience it is better to call for a professional lawn care services or at least ask your neighbours what type of grass they use and where they buy seeds. It is important, cause in every region due to weather conditions this or that type of grass can grow slowly or do not grow at all.

Lawn Care Tips, Some Moments to Remember for Lawn Owners
Lawn Care Tips, Some Moments to Remember for Lawn Owners

3. Fertilizing rules. If you want to fertilize the lawn yourself, buy only ready for use organic  lawn fertilizers, follow guidelines and spread it all over the garden in the right time and right season. Be careful when using fertilizer, it must cover only the area that you need to be fertilized, not driveway or sidewalk.

4. Lawn treatment. If your lawn looks bad do not try to treat it yourself, at least if you do it for the first time. What was the reason that caused this or that problem and bad view of your lawn? Sometimes only lawn specialist can tell the reason immediately and start treatment. Think that even you yourself can harm the lawn with wrong treatment.

5. Seeds. Do follow the instructions and guidelines when you are seeding. It must be in the right season and though usually it is autumn the best time for seeding depending on the type of grass it may change.

6. String trimmer. Use string trimmer carefully if you have shrubs and trees in the garden. What is more important for you? Ideal lawn or healthy trees? Maybe it is better to use less trouble methods of lawn care.

7.  Watering the lawn. Actually watering tips are easy. But not on practice. As treatment to any plants there should not be over watering or under watering. Depending on weather conditions watering must be on time.

8. Do mowing as it is recommended by professionals. Do not move too slow or too fast. Both can lead to problems with weeds, insects and water loss. Do follow instructions of mower that you use.

Following this 8 steps will help you to get better results. Following instructions when using lawn mower or lawn fertilizer will help you to get the results easier.


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