Garden Fencing, Which Fence to Choose, Types of Fences

Garden fencing. This one of important aspect when you making a outdoor decoration. There are a lot of fence types, exactly materials which are used for fencing. But the main problem of decoration the garden is not the material but design and how will it look like. I am sure that a lot of people will agree with me, the mot beautiful fence is a green one. Bushes and trees around the garden make the territory of garden look friendly, natural and always fresh. Unfortunately when we think about house security this doesnt work.

Even if you live in a save region and have no enemies, it will be very unpleasand to find some dogs in the garden doesnt it? Me myself, I have a usual iron fence, that lets all the street cats to enter it. Still I am in researching what one is better, and here I want to post what I found, I am sure it will be useful both for you and for me.

Garden Fencing, Which Fence to Choose, Types of Fences
Garden Fencing, Which Fence to Choose, Types of Fences

Fence decoration

Before I name all the fence types I want to say that even if you buy an iron fence and grow some plants around to hide it, this is not the best idea you may have. If you need to change it later, or to repair, you will lose all the plants. The only choice is to grow plands only inside of the house/rumah.

What will be the fence for?

Is garden decorating important for you? Do you want just to show your territory or want to hide the house and garden from others eyes? Do you mind cats and dogs visiting your lawn? What about its gate? Do you have small children that you leave in the garden alone, or your own your pet that may run away? Dogs can dig the ground you know? A lot of things to thing before buying a garden. It is not cheap at all, and changing it make cost pterry much. If you are not sure what fence to buy, it is better to consult with a garden specialist or a fence company, but the thing is that sometimes they are thinking of earning money but not your comfort and security, so maybe getting some information before purchasing will be better.

Types of fences for house and garden

  1. Iron fence. Iron fence is well known and can be met in a lot of gardens. The only bad thing of iron fence- is that you should really order something beautiful, otherwise your house will look like a prison. The same about electric fences. Maybe it is better to choose something more friendly for your property.
  2. Brick fence. Brick fence may look very nice and comfortable but it definitely must suit the design of your house. Usually brick fences suit only brick houses so, maybe this variant is not for you. Brick fences advantage is that it has not holes so no change for street aminals to enter it and for your own pets to escape.
  3. Vinyl fence. Advantage of vinyl fence is that it resists fading and rotting. No problem with maintenance and every season care. You can choose both its colour and type of fencing. There are a lot of models of vinyl fence like ranch rail, privacy pence ( looks like a wall ), semy- privacy, picket fence and others, depending on manufacturer. White coloured vinyl fences look really nice and beautiful on the green landscape.
  4. Wooden fence. Wooden fence can be really beautiful and ideal for garden design, but not the best one for its maintenance. Even the strongest wood with high wuality paint will need maintenance in some years.
  5. Polymer fence. Polymer fences are easy to install but carry no privacy at all. On another hand it is good for house security.
  6. Rail fence. Rail fence can be good for decorating the garden, but not for the house. It has not privacy and security opportunities. You can use it in the village but not in some owercrowded area. Also pets and children can easy leave the territory. The best is to use it for large animals like hourses and caws.
  7. Chain link fence. Though this type of fence is good for protecting the area you can not make a beautiful view of your house with this type of fence. It is good for land security but not the house were you live. No privacy at all, and you probably will feel yourself like your pet, waiting for an open gate to run away.

In this article I mentioned only the most popular types of fences for gardens. Later I will give some nice ideas of decorating them.


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