Hardwood Flooring: Maple, Ash, Pine, Birch, Bamboo, Fir, Oak Which to Choose?

Minimalisrumahdesain.wordpress.comHardwood flooring. Which type of  flooring to choose? What is the best and ideal tree to make it? The most popular are: maple, ash, pine, birch, bamboo, fir and oak harwood flooring. In this article i will tell you some words about each of them and in my next articles i will give detailed information on installing, cleaning and refinishing hardwood floors.

I adore hardwood floor. It is some ideal type of flooring that looks so great that can be used without rugs. It is ideal choice for those who have durst allergy and can not have carpets at home. Wood keeps floors warm and cosy. How healthy it is and how much maintenance it requires i will also tell you in another article and now lets check which type of wood to choose?

 Hardwood Flooring Maple, Ash, Pine, Birch, Bamboo, Fir, Oak Which to Choose
Hardwood Flooring: Maple, Ash, Pine, Birch, Bamboo, Fir, Oak Which to Choose?

Maple hardwood flooring

Maple is one of the most popular types of hardwood flooring, everybody adores its light colour and natural view. Maybe its  colour maybe too light for rooms with high traffic, so think if you can afford yourself regular maintenance of it.

Ash hardwood flooring

Ash is one of the favourite types of wood for its strength but if you have a look at the pictures you may see that its colour suits mostly for wooden houses with wooden furniture designed in wooden style.

Pine  flooring

Pine wood becomes more and more popular for its nice look and easy maintenance. Though it is not really hardwood flooring already.

Birch  flooring

It is the same about birch. Though as well as pine it is a softwood, still it is used in flooring and is very popular for its view.

Bamboo flooring

Though bamboo is a type of grass, it is considered to be one of the most strong flooring and this means that your floor will look nice and will need less maintenance that the other types and that is why bamboo is so popular in furniture also, not only flooring.

Fir flooring

Not everybody likes fir. It is up to you to decide to buy it or not. Cause according to customers reviews some people like it and so not, so if you are not sure it is better to look for maple and oak flooring.

Oak hardwood flooring

In Indonesia languange it called lantai kayu. Yes, probably is the most popular one. Why? It has a lot of colours to choose. You can decorate your house in any colours you want, dark light, any. It is affordable, looks very beautiful and strong as a type of wood. You will enjoy your flooring for years and it can be one of the best investments in your house.


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