What To Expect With Your New Bathroom Pedestal Sink

There is always a period of adjustment when you make a new addition to your life, and that also goes for installing a bathroom pedestal sink. You certainly don’t want to buy the sink of your dreams and suddenly realize that you didn’t take everything into consideration . . . which may lead to a home improvement project that extends beyond your budget as well as your intended timeframe.

A bathroom pedestal sink is a wonderful investment. It adds space to any bathroom; making it a great addition to small powder rooms as well as guest or half bathrooms. A bathroom pedestal sink also has a great sleek look that comes in a wide variety of styles (from traditional to artistic and contemporary designs), sizes, and prices. Now that we have established that a bathroom pedestal sink is a terrific option for your home, let’s take an honest look of what you will need to take into account when you purchase a pedestal sink:

What To Expect With Your New Bathroom Pedestal Sink
What To Expect With Your New Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Problem: If your particular bathroom pedestal sink has a small curved lip or ledge, you may have a difficult time with tasks as simple as brushing your teeth or washing your face. With no substantial ledge space to place bottles, toothbrushes and the like; you may find yourself performing a juggling act just to get ready in the morning.

Solution: Many manufacturers of sinks (Kohler, for example) design a bathroom pedestal sink with ample ledge space to place all of your must-have toiletries. Another option is to secure an over-the-sink-shelf to hold such items. These shelves come in a variety of designs and styles and can be easily attached to the wall space between your bathroom pedestal sink and mirror. If you already have a bathroom pedestal sink and want to purchase one with a large wrap-around ledge, depending on your make, you may be able to simply replace your current basin for a new basin and keep your original pedestal.

Problem: A bathroom pedestal sink does not offer storage space like a vanity cabinet does. Though you might prefer the look of a bathroom pedestal sink over the look of a vanity, you still need space to store all of your important toiletries.

Solution: If you have plenty of wall space; include a medicine cabinet, wall racks, wall cabinets, and wall shelves. All of these items are both decorative and functional. There are many different designs out on the market today, so you are sure to find plenty of storage space that is just your style (as well as in your budget). Wall storage is also a great option because many consumers love their bathroom pedestal sink because of all the floor space it provides and a wall storage unit honors that theme! Another solution is to purchase a stand-alone cabinet. A stand-alone cabinet is small enough to keep the bathroom open while still providing ample amount of space to store items. With such a cabinet, you can store items both within and on top of this small piece of bathroom furniture.

Though these issues may seem like problems, they can actually be the very thing that makes your bathroom the most beautiful room in your house! You will have the luxury of a spacious bathroom (no matter how small) with plenty of storage space. Enjoy your home improvement adventures as well as your bathroom pedestal sink!


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