What is a Custom Shower Door?

People who are building their own homes increasingly prefer shower doors over shower curtains as they are not only a more stylish but a much more practical option. Customers are provided with a wide range of colours, patterns, and types of shower doors to choose from for their bathrooms.

A custom shower door is one, as the name suggests, that is made according to the specifications of the customer. They are made to fit the size, type and pattern asked for by the customer. Customers are given the option of mixing and matching all aspects of the shower door, including the way it is installed and the hardware fixed on it.

Why does one need a Custom Shower door?

Not all Shower cubicles or enclosures have a door of the same size. In case of damage to an existing door, people cannot buy the standard sized Shower doors. That is when they can order for a Custom Shower door that fits their specifications of size, colour, texture and pattern to match the rest of the enclosure.

What is a Custom Shower Door
What is a Custom Shower Door

Types of Custom Shower Doors

  •  Swinging Doors: These are the simplest and most convenient doors. They work on hinges and pivot and can be swung in both left and right directions. They work very well for small bathrooms as they do not take up any cleaning space.


  •  Sliding Doors: These work very well for tight spaces as they slide parallel over the glass wall on tracks. They are very convenient to use and can have towel handles attached on them too.


  •  Corner Doors: These are special doors that fit in shower enclosures which have been designed to occupy the corner of the bathroom. They are made with strong, durable glass since the shape is a curve.


  • Steam Shower Doors: These allow the steam generated by a hot shower to remain in the enclosure by sealing it completely. But they prevent any residue from accumulating. These can be made in the sliding as well as the swinging form.

The demand for Custom Shower doors has risen over time with a number of big manufacturers entering the market. Though a little higher on the price, the Custom Shower doors serve their purpose and are worth the charge.

Custom shower doors complement the exclusive character of showers or bathtubs in nonstandard sizes with the smart designs and functional possibilities. With all the new items and technologies obtainable, the ideal shower has by no means been so effortless to achieve. Right after the initial planning is completed, come the fun component. There are hundreds of designs and styles with regards to custom made shower doors. These days household owners have the alternative of rhythmic, massaging body sprays on every single wall of a bath, overhead bathe to stimulate rain, color-changing lights, waterproof music system as well as steam to pamper themselves.

Custom shower doors also help to maintain the bathroom water-free. They enclose the bathe area so each of the consumed water remains in that specific area. One more benefit of shower doors is that they don’t take up a whole lot of place. In fact, custom made doors are ideal for smaller bathrooms. Bath curtains are bulky and acquire up a good deal of space. Sliding glass doorways, on the other hand, is not going to consume much space as it only follows the shape of the shower itself. And simply because it’s translucent it will make the rest room look even bigger than before.

Custom Shower entrance doors are made in any shape or measurement that has assortment of finishes to suit the individual’s bathroom design. The only determining factor would be the measurement and kind of customer shower. In order to optimize the area, it may be ideal to take into account the following possibilities:

The sliding doorway, bi-fold door and corner sliding doorways supply easier access. This kind of door is especially suited where house has limited space.

A pivot entrance or swing door may provide a wider entry, but will need additional place in the lavatory for the arc in the doorway.
A spiral shaped bathe or a bath with a curved entrance will not need a bath door in any respect. A variation on this can be a basic glass screen that is open at both ends – but vary in dimensions so that hardly any water will splash outside the steam shower. This isn’t the very same in the case of a moist room where there are no partitions and waterproofing.

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