Patio Door Window Treatments: The Decorators Dream

Desain rumah minimalis 1 lantai – Welcome back to my simple blog again. I hope you not bored with this article again. I do not know, I just happy to write about a home patio. Patio doors are a must and they are great to have. Isn’t it beautiful when the summer sun is shining into your living area through your patio door, creating that tranquil ambiance?

However sometimes you need to control the light, you may want some privacy in your indoor living area or even wish to insulate your patio door. It’s in these situations that patio door window treatments really come into their own.

This ainunmahya’s blog is dedicated towards your outdoor decorating efforts, so you may be asking yourself, why I am talking about something that is classed as interior decorating. The truth is that patio door window treatments are the conduit between your outdoor patio area and your indoor space. If executed properly, it will enhance both your in- and outdoor furnishings and provide the practical benefits you set out to achieve.

Patio Door Window Treatments The Decorators Dream
Patio Door Window Treatments: The Decorators Dream

Generally patio door window treatments are classed in three categories. These are patio door blinds, curtains and drapes. All of these are individually covered in different sections of the website, but let’s have a brief overview nevertheless.

Curtains are a type of patio door window treatment that is tried and tested over time. No matter what generation you are from, I’m willing to bet big bucks you will find a curtain set you like and will use on your patio door. Also, because curtains are merely draped on a traverse rod, you can easily rotate between various sets at different times. Perhaps you have an alternate lighter collection for the summer and some darker colors for the colder months.

Something slightly more formal than curtains are patio door drapes. The difference is small and some decorators class them in the same category. Suffice to say that if you wish to instill a more formal feel to you patio and indoor living area, dramatic draping of your curtains and linen will help a lot to achieve that goal. Drapes are a great window treatment for your patio door.

If curtains or drapes aren’t exactly your thing, patio door blinds just may well be. Many homeowners subscribing to the ‘less is more’ theory prefer blinds for their patio doors. This type of patio door window treatment usually blends in delicately with your indoor décor and generally doesn’t have an imposing character. Here’s a brief video on how to measure an area for blinds. The example is for a window space, but the principles are the same for a patio door.

Patio door window treatments are by no means a necessity. Yes the benefits are obvious, but some homeowners may prefer an abundance of natural light or can don’t need their privacy to be protected. It’s up to you, the homeowner to decide what’s best.


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