Patio Door Blinds: Decorative Flexibility

Desain rumah minimalis modern type 36– If there is one fact that will remain in home decorating, it’s that you are faced with choices, choices and more choices.

With your patio door you are confronted with the tough decision between patio door curtains, drapes and patio door blinds. The latter has many benefits, and here we’ll have a closer look at these.

Think back to your first thought when you were thinking, ‘patio door blinds’?

Perhaps a dodgy image of old vertical blinds sprang up in your mind – the type that you mostly find in rental apartments? At the risk of being misunderstood, let me say that I have nothing against vertical blinds. As a matter of fact I’m a big proponent if tastefully incorporated.

The array of alternatives for patio door blinds has grown exponentially over the last few years. No longer do you have to settle for one size, or one type, but can have custom made window blinds; styled to your preference in the materials you want.

Patio Door Blinds Decorative Flexibility
Patio Door Blinds Decorative Flexibility

Modern designs

When it comes to patio door blinds one inevitable tends to group them into two main categories. I class some as earthy, natural looking blinds whilst others compliment more modern designs. Here are some modern designs:

  • Aluminum horizontal blinds. These blinds integrate well with modern spacious designs and blend perfectly with contemporary black grey leather furniture.
  • Vinyl and cloth Blinds. Both these blinds come in a range of colours to augment your current design efforts. They tend to add that extra character that a room needs – the ‘X’ factor as some would say.

‘Earthy’ designs

These types of designs have a more natural feel to it and normally contribute to a cosy atmosphere in your room.

Vertical faux Wood blinds.

These blinds are increasingly being used by decorating experts across the globe.

It has a clean crisp feel, whilst also adding ‘warmth’ to the room.

Bamboo Blinds

These blinds have been around for a while now and never really seize to lose its touch.

When tastefully incorporated with the rest of your room, you can almost create a tropical, relaxing ambience. Bamboo patio door blinds come in a range of materials such as bamboo, rattan, reeds, woven wood and others.

Patio door blinds also have insular capabilities, similar to drapes and curtains. Because patio doors cover such a large surface area, it’s always possible for cold air to wind its way indoors. Cellular blinds are perfect for this. This material type has the unique ability to insulate your patio door as well as provide a block from outside noises.

Patio door blinds are extremely popular with homeowners and decorators alike. Apart from the fact that it creates the feel of a more casual, spacious room; it’s generally easy to maintain, clean and has an effortless installation procedure. Before shopping around for the best set of patio door blinds remember that it’s important to take accurate measurements of the area the blinds will cover. Ordinarily the vendor will be in a position to provide either a custom fit set or an exact fit from their standard ranges.



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