Patio Door Drapes: Dramatic Decorating

desain rumah minimalis modern – I don’t know about you, but when I think drapery, I think of the British Royal family with their royal residence in Windsor Castle, long hallways, high ceilings and window draping flowing from – what feels like – the heavens.

I think patio door drapery and the word ‘formal’ springs to mind, supplemented with a touch of classic elegance.

OK, I may be exaggerating a little, but I’m sure you get my point.

I know a sense of formality probably reminds you more of your spare guest room as opposed your patio doesn’t it?

However always keep in mind though that patio door drapes do, in many instances, contribute to a successful ‘bridge’ between the indoors and outdoors. Consequently if your interior is more formal, you may consider drapes as a suitable decorating option around your patio door.

First, let’s consider the difference between drapes and curtains. Basically drapes are pleated and more formal, whilst curtains are informal and generally gathered. Both are in essence long flows of fabric. They can be styled in a variety of positions, opening and closing many ways…

Patio Door Drapes Dramatic Decorating
Patio Door Drapes: Dramatic Decorating

The variety of patterns, colours and designs are almost impossible to keep track off. I bet your nearest textile shop will have a mountain of options for you to choose from.

Let’s consider some of these for a moment,

Patterned Patio Door Drapes

These drapes give you the freedom to really express yourself, your creative style and distinction. Patterns on these drapes are available pretty much in all colours, characters and shapes. As long as it blends with the rest of your interior decor, feel free to go wild. This works especially works well if your living area is more neutral in colour. The patterned can therefore liven up your interior with a boost of colour.

Linen Patio Door Drapes

This is a style more popular a few years ago, but is still a favourite among many homeowners and decorators. The look and feel is elegance and class that provide a refreshing addition to your patio door. The linen can either be draped on a standalone basis or be blend in with a pattern or striped draperies for a fuller effect.

Long Length Drapes

These are drapes that dominate your room through the sheer length of the panels. This type of drapery is usually more suitable for bigger living areas and more spacious homes.

Some decorators feel they fit better with normal window panels as opposed to patio doors, but have in the past been effectively incorporated with glass patio doors.

The good news is that patio door drapes have more functionality than just sprucing up your interior decor. One of these benefits is that drapes insulate your patio door. Many retailers stock and sell thermal drapes that protect your room from heat and cold.

They really serve two main purposes. Keeping extreme weather outside and offering some privacy.

In the colder months your thick drapes serve as a perfect deterrent against the cold. For those ‘green-focussed’ homeowners, you’ll be glad to know that doing this generally reduces your usage of other heat sources, i.e. gas, oil, etc. This means less co2 emissions.
Also when your guests have left, the party is over and you lock down, you want to relax in the privacy of your own home. By letting your patio door drapes down, it’s impossible for outsiders to have a glance into your living area. They are also great for blocking outside noise.

It is evident that even though patio door drapes sometimes have a too formal image, they can be extremely effectively used in the decorating of your indoor area and patio door.


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