Patio Door Security…’Be proactive, not reactive’

desain rumah minimalis type 45 – You may be correct to think that patio door security have almost no effect on your decorative efforts. This may be the case, but securing your patio door is of pivotal importance.

Now here comes a shocking statistic: 6 out of ten burglaries begin with entry through the back of the house. This simply means that if your patio door is not secure, it leaves both your possessions and family at risk – risks that can be easily mitigated.

Let’s briefly look at the foremost measures to secure your patio door in a cheap and effective way. These will be covered in greater detail in other sections of the website. The first two options are both relatively cheap and most homeowners stick to these as their primary ‘security instruments’.

Patio Door Security
Patio Door Security

First of all you can start by using a patio door security bar. You may have seen in the past some homeowners placing a broomstick in the patio door runners to prevent anyone from opening the door from the outside. The origin of the patio door security bar therefore has its roots in the old, used family broomstick! With some great designs and options in the marketplace, this should be your first step in securing you patio door.

The second option is to add additional locks to your door. Most locks that come standard with your patio door are flimsy and do tend to break easily when put under pressure. Installing another visible lock will, no doubt, discourage any potential burglar from pursuing his plans.

The above two options are the most commonly used security measure by homeowners. In areas with high crime rates, some folks may opt to install a full security gate that covers the whole patio door. This will prevent burglars from entering your home, even in extreme instances when the glass is broken. Alternatively a form of security can also be found in the glass of the patio door. Security can be enhanced by replacing normal single glazed glass with a wire-embedded product. This will prevent the glass from being broken by a burglar. Undoubtedly these are effective security measures, but it is viewed by some as overkill with an expensive unnecessarily high price tag.

All things considered, the need for additional patio door security depends largely on your neighbourhood and the prevailing crime rates. Some homeowners will go ‘the whole nine yards’ by installing almost everything the market has to offer, whilst others are happy with the bare minimum. For the most part, money spent on patio door security should not be the largest chunk of your resources allocated to your outdoor area.


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