The Secret Of Successful Small Garden Design

Desain minimalis rumah type 100 – If someone has twice the space that I have but the same amount of junk, their clutter will appear half as much as mine. But they are no tidier than I, only, they have twice the space. This is the concept I want you to take away when you think about a successful small garden design.

If we think about the grand gardens of say the Chateau of Vaux-Le-Vicomte see how much space is between each point of focus. If you went for the same sort of spacing in a small garden design would we be able to create the grand quality of this garden in a micro kind of way?

The Secret Of Successful Small Garden Design
The Secret Of Successful Small Garden Design

small garden opposite

The opposite of small garden design

Points of Focus

In a small garden design you want to work out how many points of focus you want.

Having decorative waterfalls of naked nymphs, ponds and tables, an allotment, windmill, wind chimes, sheds, hedging and ferns all competing for the same space is going to create stress. Without a central focus the mind cannot appreciate the things themselves. Concentrate on having fewer items of the highest quality you can possibly obtain and create contrast by creating a “living emptiness” around them.

The common mistake an amateur does is to try and fill up every single spot of land with something, usually because of a lack of confidence. With your small garden design the goal is to be decisive. This is what I want you to look at and I want you to know I want you to look at it! This is who I am! This is what I believe in! Be confident in your small garden.

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