Patio Door Security Bar – The Simple Security Solution

sketsa rumah minimalis type 36 – For all the functionality and benefits that patio doors have, they do tend to be vulnerable to forced entry. From a safety perspective, hinged patio doors are probably a better choice as they can be locked down easily with latches and deadbolts. Sliding doors on the other hand are more susceptible to burglary.

As with most products nowadays, consumers are faced with an astonishing range of choices to meet their needs.

When shopping around for patio door security bars you’ll tend to find that they are relatively cheap compared to other patio accessories. This simplifies the decision making process. Below we have a look at some of the available products on the market as well as things to look out for when shopping around:

Patio Door Security Bar The Simple Security Solution
Patio Door Security Bar – The Simple Security Solution

Original Patio door security bar

As with most security bars these are constructed out of heavy steel. Most models are suitable for both hinged and sliding patio doors.

With hinged patio doors the bar is braced under the door knob down to the floor where a ball joint and padded foot assure full contact with the floor without any unwanted scratches. With sliding doors a removable pin releases the yoke end to allow a fixed wedge between the edge of the sliding door and the jamb, running along the stationary panel of the patio door.

This prevents both the door from being opened to lift it out of the door track. The security bars normally telescope to fit with a range of door sizes. It is best however to shop around for the size that is the ‘closest fit’ to your patio door.

Alarm Security Bar

This is a very novel device that is normally priced slightly more expensive than some other peer products. In addition to preventing the intruder from entry, the security bar will produce an almost deafening sound in the unlikely event of the patio door being pushed open. Not only will it frighten intruders away, but also alert the homeowner as to danger in the area. It is normally constructed out of heavy steel and doesn’t require installation as it is a temporary fixture. They operate on batteries and are suitable for both hinged and sliding patio doors.

Most security bars allow for minimal installation effort. Many models are fit for temporary installation to be removed when you don’t need it. This is great as you will have the security when required without having to spend any time on installing a permanent (potentially ugly looking fixture). Even the more permanent security bars have the option of being neatly ‘tucked away’ within your door frame, securely in a bracket when its use is not required.

Generally this is not a fixture which will add to the aesthetic value of your decorating efforts. However some merchants do offer patio door security bars in a variety of colours. This will in the very least give you the option to choose a security bar that blends in with your home décor.

From my perspective this is one of those accessories that doesn’t require a great deal of thought in the buying process. Simple points to keep in mind – look for high quality at a reasonable price which requires minimal installation effort and doesn’t completely ruin your interior decorative effort. Who said buying a security bar is difficult??


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