Patio Door Handles & Patio Door Locks

desain interior rumah minimalis type 36 – Patio door handles and locks fall under the subject of accessories to your patio. I’m saying this because there is an unwritten rule I tend to adhere to when it comes to accessories such as these.

Now let me first give the small print. This is different from one region to another and obviously has its exceptions.

The rule is that I generally don’t spend more than $50 per item on this type of accessory. Most of your financial resources should go toward better looking and better quality furniture and lighting, as your patio is there to be enjoyed.

Nevertheless, a fully functional handle and lock is important to have.

Handles come in varied shapes and sizes. Chances are that you will find something that fits in well with the frame of your patio door panel and also subtly blend in with the surrounding décor.

Your door panel will mostly determine the type and design of patio door handle (or sliding patio door handle) that you end up choosing. The most regular materials are:

Patio Door Handles and Patio Door Locks
Patio Door Handles and Patio Door Locks

Aluminum patio door handle

This is arguably the material you’ll find most frequently in patio door handles. Off course this is in varied forms. Among these is Finish Hook style, surface mounted handles with vinyl decoration. These are normally sold as lock sytem also. You’ll also find black painted aluminum patio door handles. They also generally have a wooden finishing adding to its visual charm. Many homeowners also go for the powder coated aluminum. These are available in basic handle designs and more complex designs for multifaceted lock and handle systems.

Wood patio door handle

You may guess that these go well with wooden patio door frames. It’s all about ‘blending in’ when it comes to selecting your patio door handle and locks. The wooden patio door handle ranges that the market offers are varied. They are available from the simplest designs to intricate, stylish door handles that make more of a statement.

As stated before, this is a basic accessory and in the ‘bigger scheme of things’ doesn’t require a great deal of your attention. The web is full of online vendors that offer a range of patio door handles. Alternatively your local hardware store will be the best place to shop around for your patio door handle.

Equally important is choosing the patio door lock that will go ‘hand in hand’ with your door handle.

Patio Door Locks

Burglar entry through you patio door is the most common. If your patio door is not fitted with a multi-lock system, it’s essential to fit extra locks. These are hard police facts and not stuff I’m making up. The simple truth is that you have to secure your patio door, and one of the most effective ways to do so is through installing more or better-quality door locks.

If you have an older patio door, read this very carefully. Chances are that the lock on your patio door is probably not adequate and up to the task of providing you the security you need. Even if you have a security bar in place, ask yourself this – Are you willing to put the safety of your family at risk for a mere $50 spent on a locking system?

But enough of the doom and gloom; let’s see what we can do about this, If you have reservations about your current locking system, it’s best to install a replacement lock to enhance your security. The ease of installation depends on the type of lock (e.g. mortise vs. surface mounted) as well as the type of door frame. Wooden and aluminum patio door frames will provide an easier work environment than uPVC and vinyl patio doors. If you are not a gifted craftsman, spend a little more by hiring an expert. The cost can be much, much more if the installation effort is a disaster.

We’ll dive into a bit more detail when we cover sliding door patio locks when we look at the different type of patio locks on the market. Consumers can be confident to know that there are many to choose from.

You can choose between both keyed and unkeyed locks which can either be fixed at the top or bottom tracks. Or perhaps go for the very popular foot operated patio door lock.  There is generally no direct ‘linear relationship’ between the difficulty of installation and effectiveness of the lock. Simply put, just because it’s easy to install doesn’t mean it won’t work. Therefore look for a quality brand that has an established presence in the market as opposed to a complex locking system that will probably provide more headaches for you than anything else.

One last note. Before installing a new lock, check with the manufacturer if it will affect the warranty on your patio door. Significant additional fixtures may negate the warranty you have on your patio door and can therefore cost you in the long term.


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