Sliding Patio Door Handle for Your Home

desain interior rumah minimalis type 70 – As so many homeowners have sliding patio doors that lead to their outdoor space, we thought it fitting to dedicate a whole section to sliding patio door handles.

Mostly, your decision on choosing a handle for your sliding patio door will be dictated by your current doorframe. For example, is it a wooden, aluminum or fibreglass frame?

More importantly, is the lock and handle surface mounted or mortise type handles.

What is the difference between surface mounted and mortise?

Surface mounted handles

Usually this type of handle is screwed onto the face of the sliding door frame and already has a built in lock that comes with the handle. They are notoriously easier to replace as the installation will amount to merely having to pull out the old screws, removing the broken or old handle and replace this with the newly purchased handle.

Sliding Patio Door Handle for Your Home
Sliding Patio Door Handle for Your Home

Mortise locks and handles

These are slightly different in that they fit into the frame of the sliding door. From an installation point of view, the handle and lock are two separate items that has to be fitted separately.

The handle is fitted and the lock actuator stick is slipped through an opening in the door frame straight into a hole in the mortise lock. Installing this type of handle is therefore more complex and generally consumers are limited to their options. This is due to the fact that these locks and handles are specific to manufacturers.

Below we have a brief look at a couple of examples of some designs available on the market today. As with almost all other patio door accessories, your choices are vast, so this is merely a short ‘sample’ of what to expect:

Wood-Aluminum patio door handle

This is a very basic handle and installation will be extremely simple. This design is frequently used in cases when your patio door frame is made of wood. The aluminium brackets provided a nice decorative touch and normally come in a variety of colours. If fitted well enough, this sturdy handle will last for years.

Zinc sliding glass patio door handle

This door handle has a distinct hybrid characteristic, as it appears to successfully merge the vintage and modern designs in a sleek handle that is both sturdy and attractive.

This type of lock is also frequently compatible with mortise lock applications. It also goes well with a range of different patio door frames from fibreglass, steel through to aluminum.

Without getting into too much further detail, it’s probably forthcoming that there is (as with many patio accessories) a wide range to choose from. It is normally wise not to choose a patio door handle that is outrageous in its design, but rather something that blends in seamlessly with your sliding patio door frame and rest of your outdoor area. Rather focus your decorating efforts on areas that really matter such as your furniture, lights, etc. The focus here should really be on installing a cost effective, strong handle that will last for years and years to come.


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