The 4 Types of Patio Furniture

Desain rumah modern minimalis 1 lantai – So many options and yet so little time…….

Without outdoor patio furniture, your patio probably doesn’t have a great deal of functionality. Patios are made for entertainment. What better way to go about this, than having friends over, sitting outside having a drink and enjoying the outdoors.

You will have plates of food, glasses of juice and wine, bottles of beer and an assortment of snacks sitting on your patio table, with your guest relaxing comfortably in your patio chairs. Yes you need the right patio set to make this happen.

To start the selection process, homeowners are confronted with an astonishing range of choices of styles, types, designs, sizes, etc. The question beckon – Where do I begin to make some sense of it all?

As a homeowner you should consider the ultimate goal for your patio, the style and design you wish to instil and also practical issues such as available space and weather conditions.

It can be said with certainty that the days of boring outdoor patio furniture are truly gone. Nowadays you have a wide variety of garden patio sets to choose from which has the ability to rival your indoor selection in almost every way.

Let’s first look at the types of patio furniture sets that are currently on the market. We’ll cover most of these in greater detail in other sections of this ainun mahya’s site.

The 4 Types of Patio Furniture
The 4 Types of Patio Furniture

Cast aluminium Patio furniture

This is the most popular choice because it is lightweight and durable. Most cast aluminium patio furniture is also rustproof and coated with a weather resistant finish that will last for years on end.

With the quality cast aluminium outdoor furniture available nowadays, they are heavy enough to withstand strong gushing winds and are also powder coated.

The maintenance required is also generally low-key, as it requires a cleaning only around one to two times a year.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Outdoor Furniture made out of wrought iron is truly beautiful and timeless in its style. The word wrought means to bend or twist which is why you frequently find interesting and elegant designs with this metal.

This type of patio furniture has a very classic European and Tuscan feel to it and will bring a sense of romance to your outdoor patio. Colour wise homeowners tend to favour the white, black and green finishes. Wrought iron patio furniture is generally more expensive than other types of home and garden furniture, but it is money well spent in long lasting style and durability.

Wooden Patio Furniture

This type of patio outdoor furniture has a very warm and natural feel to it. You have a range of types to choose from like armchairs, gliders, benches, lounge chairs and tree benches.

With wooden patio furniture, you can choose from many different types of wood. Here are just a few :

  • Teak. Unique in its beauty, this is a highly durable material. The wood requires no staining to enhance the colour, but we would suggest a sealer to act as preserving agent to prevent it to ‘gray’ over time. Teak also requires a low level of maintenance. It’s relative scarcity however results in a generally higher cost than other wood types.
  • Bamboo. For the technically spoken this is actually not a wood, although it exhibits all of the behaviours and appearances of other wood furniture. As with eak, this is also a highly durable material with a very stylish look
  • Eucalyptus. As durable as teak, but at a lower cost no wonder eucalyptus have grown in popularity over the last few years for use as patio outdoor furniture. The natural oils protect the wood from rotting, whilst staining is an optional extra.
  • Redwood. Redwood is the traditional material used for outdoor furniture for patios. This is an enduring and beautiful wood, which is grown commercially. This ensures a steady supply to the market and therefore ultimate consumer affordability. A Warm red tone to the wood, it is a strong favourite for many homeowners.

Plastic Patio Furniture

Don’t think that plastic patio furniture is just cheap and flimsy. You now have a range of durable and sturdy plastic furniture that will stand the test of time. With the range of colours available it also allows you to personalise your patio with a stunning decorative character.

This covers a very broad overview of outdoor patio furniture types currently available for consumers. It will hopefully serve as general outline for what to look for in the market. We will cover these furniture types in greater detail in other section of the website.


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