Wood Patio Furniture Ideas

desain rumah minimalis 2 lantai type 36– Ok, so you made a decision on which type of patio furniture you will have. Wood patio furniture is almost always a winner. It has the unique ability to blend in seamlessly with your natural surroundings, whilst also providing comfort and a sleek look.

But no need for me to convince you anymore on perhaps a decision already made. They key is now to ensure that your wood patio furniture will last you for years to come.

This is not as daunting a task as many would think. Even if your wooden furniture is exposed to the elements, some simple tricks will ensure it stays top notch for many, many years.

So often the simple tasks are overlooked…

Wood Patio Furniture Ideas
Wood Patio Furniture Ideas

You can ‘get mileage’ out of your wood patio furniture if you stick to cleaning your furniture at regular intervals. Dependant on the weather conditions, an annual cleanup ought to be adequate. I tend to steer well clear of any sort of fancy chemicals. A regular soap with a pressure washer is well suited for the task at hand. Also ensure to clean spills as they happen. This will avoid those nasty looking water rings and unwanted stains.

Cleaning is a great maintenance tool, but even more important is using a protector for you wood patio furniture. The protector that you end up choosing for your wooden patio furniture will depend largely on the weather conditions. If you live in a rainy area, an oil based water repellent spray will come in handy. This type of product will simply prevent moisture build up from contacting the wood – it would merely bubble up and drip off!

For the homeowners that live in a more sunny part of the world, your shielding agent should have UV protection capability.

Apart from the above two tips, you should also keep in mind some other easy steps to prevent rapid deterioration of your wood patio furniture.

Always remember that your furniture is outside. Even with the greatest care, exposure to the elements will result in the ageing of your furniture. If you don’t have much use of your patio during the colder months, it’s a good idea to store your wood patio furniture inside – if you have some extra space. This is of less importance if you live an area with a more moderate climate.

Now most people probably don’t have the luxury of extra space to serve as storage for your wood furniture. If this is you, consider using covers for the seasons that you don’t use your outdoor space. This is a cost effective way to protect your wood patio furniture. Make sure they are completely covered to stop any unwanted moist or dust from entering.

Finally, you don’t want to go through all of this effort for nothing. So many people focus on protecting the body of their wood patio furniture, but overlook the legs! Remember, this part of your furniture is also exposed. You can tackle this problem easily by installing rubber soles to your furniture. Easy to do and cost effective it provide great protection for your furniture when the soil is wet.

Wood patio furniture has so many great benefits from a decorative perspective. Don’t let it go to waste by not looking after your purchase. You can easily maintain the standard of your furniture by sticking to the above tips.


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