Patio Tables: Tips on Picking the Best One

desain rumah minimalis 1 lantai 2014 – Just like patio chairs, A patio table is a very essential part of your outdoor patio set. The uses are multiple.

When the weather is good, you and your guests can have dinner outside around the patio table.

Your patio table can also be used just for refreshments. They are also great for games such as a few rounds of poker or bridge. Choosing a patio table should not be a difficult chore. When considering your choices keep in mind average party size of guests that you will be entertaining, size of your immediate family, etc.

Obviously the size of you patio should also dictate your choice of patio table. Larger patio’s can have longer tables with more seating, whilst you want to steer away from too large a table in smaller patio areas – this will tend to completely overpower the patio area.

Patio Tables Tips on Picking the Best One
Patio Tables: Tips on Picking the Best One

As with most pieces of patio furniture, you will have a myriad of designs and materials to choose from. These include, but are not limited to patio tables made from wrought iron wood, metal, stone, plastic, or even glass.

Each of these have their pro’s and cons. For example, plastic patio tables are easy to care for and also come in kaleidoscope of colors. They are also easy to move around and even store in the colder months.

Wrought iron patio tables on the other hand are also a popular choice for homeowners and have generally a more elegant look than its plastic counterpart. They do not require excessive maintenance and are good for lasting a few years.

For more detail it’s best to enquire with the salesman at the department store at the benefits of each of these.

Due to its sheer size in relation to the rest of your patio area, patio tables can easily become the focal point of your outdoor area. Your patio table can easily be the first impression you make on your guest, and you want it be a good one. Therefore always ensure that you have at least a minimal amount of decorating when no food is served – think a vase, perhaps some flowers or even a stylish patio umbrella.

The prices of patio tables vary equally as much as the variety of tables itself. It’s not always advisable to pick the most affordable table, as it might be of poor quality and prompt a new purchase the very next year! As I once heard someone say, ‘That would be penny wise, pound foolish.


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