Patio Awnings – Permanent Protection for Your Patio

desain rumah minimalis modern 1 lantai – Patio awnings have dual functionality. They provide shade and protection from adverse weather conditions such as unwanted harmful rays in the sweltering summer and keeping you dry in wet, rainy conditions.

A Great fixture for installing patio lights, they also add square footage to your home and help in reducing the heat indoors entering through your patio door.

This way you can possibly save on expensive air-conditioning equipment.

Homeowners ultimately have the choice to make between a retractable- and fixed patio awning. Both of these come in a variety of different designs, colours and materials. Retractable awnings are normally favoured as you have the added flexibility to adjust the patio awning on a day-to-day basis as required. You can read more on retractable patio awnings on the dedicated section in this website.

Patio Awnings Permanent Protection for Your Patio
Patio Awnings – Permanent Protection for Your Patio

Patio Awnings are available in a wide variety of different materials. These range from clot fabric, corrugated metal or a waterproof rubberized material. Your choice would ultimately be largely influenced by the climate of the area you live in. Generally speaking, if you live in a part of the world that frequently gets sudden downpours or rain showers, the fabric cloth version may not be the best option for your patio. Similarly if you reside in an area where rainfall is scarce, chances are you won’t need a waterproof rubberized patio awning.

From a design of point of view, you can also pick the colour of your patio awning that will best fit with the rest of your patio garden set, i.e. patio tables, patio chairs, etc.

Ensuring that your awning fits with your general patio design and layout is very important. A well constructed patio awning can add significant value to your home, whilst an awning that looks totally out of place can actually detract value from your property. It is therefore vital do proper measurement and planning before you purchase and mount it. Make sure that you consider all variables such as lighting, gutters, down spouts and the general size of your patio. As patio awnings can be expensive I generally recommend getting an expert tradesman to fit the unit. Doing this you can be certain that the awning is fitted properly and in working condition.

Although your patio awning has the potential to augment your design and styling efforts of the patio, your main focus should be on its practical functionality. If you keep some of the above tips in mind you will be on the right track to make the correct choices.


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