The Perfect Patio Umbrella

desain rumah minimalis modern type 36 – The use of a patio umbrella is very straightforward. Apart from the elegant touch it gives to your patio, it also provides protection from the sometimes-harmful UV rays and that annoying wet weather. They are also very simple to set up.

As with most patio furniture, there are just so many patio umbrellas to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the major types and designs available. This will give you some ideas for when you purchase your new patio umbrella.

Wood and aluminium patio umbrellas are the most common. The wood umbrella normally goes best with patios at the poolside where your guests can drop by for some light snacks and drinks. The wooden finish also goes great with certain patio design ideas.

The Perfect Patio Umbrella
The Perfect Patio Umbrella

Aluminium patio umbrellas have a much more modern look and feel to it, and will go better with certain styles as opposed to its wooden counterpart. They can be tilted in any direction and is also tough and resistant to atmospheric corrosion.

An interesting choice is also wind resistant umbrellas. As the names states, they are specially designed to resist strong winds. The gushing winds are mostly eliminated with them in use.

If you want to create an elitist look, you would be best served with and offset and cantilever. This type of umbrella is extensively used on beaches. The rod consists of two components, which are connected so that the umbrella provides maximum protection.

Patio Umbrellas are an ideal way to keep the sun away whilst you’re enjoying the outdoors. They’re also much cheaper than a patio awning and provide an affordable alternative when you are looking for a stylish way to add some shade protection to your patio. You can enjoy them when the sun is beating down and on occasion when the rain pours down.


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