Enhancing Outdoor Areas Using Patio Sets

jasa desain rumah minimalis sederhana – Patios are great places for the family to entertain themselves and others. They can be furnished (with patio sets) and decorated (with accessories) as though they were another room of the house. Actually they should be treated as though they were another room, and that’s what I want to talk about today.

Patios can be small or large. Each size patio has its own unique good and bad points, when it comes to furnishing them. If you try to use a large metal patio set on a patio that is too small for it, it will feel cramped and uninviting. That is one of the quickest ways of not feeling comfortable in your own patio. People feel so uncomfortable when on their own patio that they just start avoiding it. Small patios are often the trickiest to decorate.

Enhancing Outdoor Areas Using Patio Sets
Enhancing Outdoor Areas Using Patio Sets

Plastic Patio Sets

One easy technique to furnish a smaller patio is to use a square or rectangular plastic patio set that is not too large. Many people go with round patio tables but they are hard to push aside when not needed. A square or rectangular table can be pushed against the house when not used, and the patio can be available for other activities that will not require a table.

A plastic patio set can seat up to 4 people, and can be used to eat out or play games with the family. When I don’t need to seat more than 2 people, I normally put the extra chairs in a sunroom or a similar area. This makes even more space but is not always convenient if the chairs have to be carried around constantly. Find what works for your family and stick to it.

When choosing plastic patio sets make sure that the base of the set is weighted. Normally the base is hollow and filled with several pounds of sand. The sand will keep the plastic patio set from blowing away. Even a cheap patio set can end up being expensive if it has to be replaced every few years.

Wooden Patio Sets

Slightly larger outdoor patio sets have a lot more flexibility to work with. Here I might want to go with a wood patio set. These are heavier and don’t always have a sand filled base. The thing to look for in a wooden patio set is that they shouldn’t be top-heavy. If the larger top has a single post holding it up it needs to be stable even if weight is placed on the edges.

A wooden patio set can seat 4-6 people and will work well for someone who has a lot of company. If there is still a little room a couple of nice chairs and small tables can give additional seating for family and guests. A well designed patio set tends to attract people, and you could end up with a few neighbors hanging out with you, and enjoying your nice new wooden patio set.

Metal Patio Sets

Metal patio sets are good for larger areas. Something with a glass top would work well around a pool area. Most metal patio sets have a number of different and matching pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of seating arrangements. A nice glass topped patio set with matching chairs and smaller tables would look good and seat a large number of people.

Many stores put patio sets on sale at the end of summer. This is a good time to buy for next season. You can get a lot more for your money by being a smart shopper. Keeping an eye on your favorite fancy glass and chrome patio set and then grabbing it when that patio set goes on sale. Nothing beats getting a good product for almost no money.

The end of summer sales can be the best time to think about accessorizing. No set is complete without a nice big patio umbrella, right? I like to check out the garden centers at these sales as well. A few brightly colored glazed pots for a 75% off will really spice up any patio set. This isn’t the best time to buy the plants to put in the pots but when spring comes you’ll be ready to start potting.

Tiki torches and citronella candles add a festive touch to any outdoor party. Setting a few citronella candles on each of the tables can help keep the mosquitoes away. Some home owners tend to get bored with a particular style of patio set pretty quick, and having a few table covers to change the look of the patio furniture is how you could prevent that boredom from setting in. Tiki torches go very well with wicker patio sets.


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