Patio Fireplaces: The Natural Heating Choice

desain rumah minimalis modern terbaru – Don’t you just live the crackling sounds of a warm outdoor fire on a fresh cold autumn night? Patio fireplaces are that little extra! It’s that little extra that transforms your patio from just an addition to your home, to a place that you just don’t want to leave.

It becomes that place where you spend hours, upon hours relaxing and watching the flames dance around to the rhythmic sounds of nature.

Traditionally fireplaces were kept indoors, but it’s an increasing popular trend to also have a patio fireplace installed for external use. Patio fireplaces are almost similar in design to those of indoor fireplaces. The major difference is that patio fireplaces do not use dampers. Tall chimneys accompany them so that you don’t need to concern yourself with smoke from the fire.

Listed below are a couple of ideas for your patio fireplace design:

Patio Fireplaces The Natural Heating Choice
Patio Fireplaces: The Natural Heating Choice

Chimenea patio fireplace

A Mexican outdoor fireplace with plump base where the fire burns and a long narrow chimney through which the smoke escapes, they are normally made from clay but also come in cast iron.

Fire Rings

This is by far the cheapest option for a patio fireplace. In its basic form it’s a cast iron ring without a bottom and the fire burns within the rings. Generally they are more useful for the rugged outdoors than your patio.

Stone Forest Patio fireplace

This consists of bulky and pitted boulders, which are used to enclose the fireplace’s opening. This design is fit for a fireplace, which faces an outdoor dining area and has a multifaceted trellis that is used to enclose the space and reinforce the Craftsman-style architecture of any home.

Apart from the great atmosphere your patio fireplace can create, it’s also source of warmth similarly provided by your patio heater. Remember though, when fire is involved safety is important. Keep it in mind whenever you start that fire.



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