Patio Lights: 6 Types to Choose From

desain rumah sederhana type 36 – As with most people, a large part of your time is spent on your patio in the evening. Perhaps you enjoy a drink outside after work, or you have friends that stay till late. Whatever the circumstance, if you are outdoors at night, you will need to spend some time installing patio lights to compliment your patio lighting efforts.

Installing patio lights however is not just an exercise born out of necessity. It also provides you with the opportunity to further beautify your garden patio and add more character to your home. Various hotels and resorts have successfully used patio lighting as a styling tool for years. The beauty is that installing patio lights are a relatively effortless exercise and can do wonders for the artistic value of your patio.

When it comes to choosing your patio lights, the options are vast and you can really let your imagination run away with you. Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Patio Lights 6 Types to Choose From
Patio Lights: 6 Types to Choose From

Built in patio lights

These lights are the most expensive and most stylish type of lighting. They are built into the foundation of your patio and provide a soft uplight glow. A job normally considered too complex for an average homeowner, a contractor normally performs it. These patio lights come in a range of colours to blend in with the rest of your patio.

Down Patio Lighting

This is a way of lighting the patio from above. Down patio lighting has a very natural feel and almost simulates moonlight shining down. In addition to being a natural source of light, it also enhances the security of your home because a lighted patio enforces the notion that someone is at home.


An investment into patio dimmer lights is also considered a sensible decision. It gives you the flexibility to adjust the intensity of the lighting depending on the mood.


Spotlights for your patio lighting are excellent for highlighting certain areas of your patio. If you wish to draw attention to a particular area on the patio such as a fountain or flower arrangement, then the spotlight works wonders.

Patio Lights on the edge

You can also install patio lights along the edge the railing to enhance the character of your patio. Although not really beneficial from a practical perspective, it serves as a perfect ‘finishing touch’ to your decorating efforts.

Outdoor lamps

Although not a permanent fixture in your patio, it provides mobility, is a great source of lighting and can be used effectively to compliment an existing decorative theme.

There are many great ideas that experts cook up almost daily. Hopefully these pointers have you thinking about some of your own lighting creations.

The important thing to remember is that even though (similarly to a patio fireplace) patio lighting can enhance the atmosphere of your patio, it’s advisable not to get carried away too much. As a wise man once said, ‘Less is sometimes more.’


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