Patio Heaters: Make Your Patio Fit for All Seasons

jasa desain rumah – If you live in a part of the world with long and cold winters, chances are that months go by in which you don’t use your patio.

Ideally you want to optimise the usage of your outdoor space, and installing a patio heater can easily do this.

A patio heater is a type of heater that is built exclusively for use outdoors. Traditionally only a luxury seen at restaurants, the popularity of patio heaters for personal use have grown over the last decade, as it literally provides you with the opportunity to have outdoor parties and BBQ’s throughout the year.

Deciding on a patio heater should not be too difficult a task. There is a range of designs available to suit your needs from a practical, financial as well as aesthetic perspective.

Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing a suitable patio heater:

Patio Heaters Make Your Patio Fit for All Seasons
Patio Heaters: Make Your Patio Fit for All Seasons

  • You can choose between a compact tabletop heater and a larger standalone patio heater. The easily transportable table-top version can warm up an area within an approximate 10 feet diameter, whereas the standalone patio heater has a longer reach of about 20 feet with less mobility.
  • You also want to have your patio heater blend in and add style with the rest of your wood patio furniture design. Patio heaters generally are available in a stainless steel, copper or painted black finish.
  • Also ensure that your patio heater has an electric starter. This has become a standard feature in patio heaters lately. From a safety perspective it’s important to have one, as it doesn’t require matches or an external light to start it up.
  • On that note – safety is always crucial. Any heater you purchase should include a safety switch, concealed burner and flame control. With most of the recent models, these will be standard features, but it is worthwhile confirming it nevertheless.
  • Finally, patio heaters are also available with different power sources. Gas patio heaters are generally more popular. You can also choose to purchase an electric heater, which can simply plug-in to an existing power outlet. Alternatively you can also opt for a solar model or a patio heater powered with natural gas.

Regardless of what type of patio heater you acquire, it is sure to open up additional avenues of pleasure and entertainment. Just imagine having a cup of a coffee on a chilly winter’s evening, surrounded by the cosy warmth of your heated outdoor patio.


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