Propane Heaters: Outdoor Patio Heating Solutions

desain interior rumah minimalis type 50 – The first choice that homeowners face when selecting a patio heater for their residence is which energy source the patio eat will be fuelled with. There is the choice between propane, electricity and natural gas.

A Case can be made for any of these, and in the end it will probably come down to personal preference more than anything else. Here are the major advantages and disadvantages of outdoor propane patio heaters.

Disadvantages of outdoor propane patio heaters

Ask any person during the winter months what they would like to change about their outdoor propane patio heater, and the answer will almost be identical…..’I wish I don’t always need to refill the tank when it becomes empty!!’ This is biggest drawback of propane patio heaters. Even though propane is relatively inexpensive once the tank runs empty it needs to be replaced or refilled. This is a chore and the frequency increases the more often you use the heater.

As with most things, there is a way around this. Some homeowners have the extra money to connect propane lines to and in their home. As you can imagine, this is no cheap task and for the most part not within most people’s budget.

Propane Heaters Outdoor Patio Heating Solutions
Propane Heaters: Outdoor Patio Heating Solutions

Another lesser known disadvantage (or concern) is the danger associated with a burning flame. Many of my friends love staying up late and socialising around the burning flame – an addictive activity I know!

In reality this burning flame poses the threat of starting a full scale fire (particularly if placed near a flammable object). When it comes to working with fire the greatest precautionary measure is common sense. However, accidents do happen, and if this the case you’ll be glad to know that most propane patio heaters are equipped sensors that will automatically with the heater of when tipped over.

Advantages of Propane patio heaters

With any set of disadvantages comes a whole long list of great advantages. Despite some drawbacks, outdoor propane patio heaters are very popular amongst homeowners. As mentioned before, propane is relatively inexpensive, which makes it a cheap energy source – a saving worth keeping in mind. Propane is also very easy to obtain and is more available in areas where perhaps natural gas may not be plumped or even available. Generally propane heaters are also a more mobile than other types of heaters, adding flexibility in terms of diverse decorative placement – as long as you keep within the heater’s clearance measurements.

Off course these are all minor reasons for opting for a propane patio heater. The chief reason why many so many homeowners add these to their arsenal is the sheer amount of heat generated. Propane heaters have a strong heating capability that will keep your guests cosy and warm all night.

Also, as much as it’s a negative, watching the flame burn away in the late evening hours just adds to the charm of your outdoor propane patio heater.

Propane patio heaters (as opposed to outdoor electric patio heaters) also offer the flexibility of coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. These heaters are manufactured as free-standing, table top, portable and many other designs. Great as you don’t want to be bogged down with just a few choices.


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