Residential Patio Heaters – 3 Crucial Maintenace Tips

desain interior rumah minimalis type 60  -Patio heaters are generally used either for commercial purposes by business owners or exploited for personal use at your residence – there for you to enjoy the great outdoors during those long wintery nights.

The major difference between the two is predominantly their respective heating abilities. Patio heaters used in business generally have a stronger heating capability than the heaters used at home.

The distinction isn’t so straightforward however, as many heaters destined originally for commercial use is now also being used by homeowners at their private backyards!

Luckily for homeowners, residential patio heaters are one of the few patio accessories that don’t require a great deal of thought. The relatively limited makes and models that the market offers make choosing the perfect one an easy task. The narrow variety by no means implies limited usage. The types of patio heaters offered by vendors are great and serve their purpose perfectly.

Residential Patio Heaters 3 Crucial Maintenace Tips
Residential Patio Heaters – 3 Crucial Maintenace Tips

In other sections of the website we will have a look at the different types of residential patio (such as outdoor propane patio heaters) heaters and therefore seeing what the best options is for your residential requirements.

However here we’ll look at some tips for the maintenance of your residential patio heater. Safety is also very important when it comes to your heater. Negligence can sometimes have dire consequences, leading to either sever damage to your home or even potentially jeopardizing the safety of your family. Here are therefore some tips to maintain to your residential patio heater to ensure ultimate safety and longevity.

  1. When your guest have left and the party is done make sure to:
  • Turn the gas control and cylinder valve off
  • Ideally wait for the heater to cool down
  • Once the residential patio heater is cooled down, place a cover over the head and move the heater to a sheltered area.

2.  If in case you are going to on holiday and not use your residential patio heater for a longperiod of time:

  • Remove the LPC cylinder from the patio heater
  • Remove the reflector
  • Maintenance wise, always look for chips to prevent deterioration such as rusting
  • Ideally store the patio heater indoors
  • Check for gas leaks when stored and again before being used again.

3. If you live in Chicago, Cape Town or any other windy type of City it’s always wise to know how the wind is blowing. Countless times homeowners have experienced significant damage due to patio heaters blown over by gusty winds.

Residential Patio heaters are pretty much exactly similar to other home appliances and outdoor patio goodies. With great care and maintenance, it’s an accessory that can last you for as long as 10 years. Unfortunately neglect can cost you in the form of frequent repeat purchases and other miscellaneous running costs.

It’s worth the time and effort however, as residential patio heaters are one of those great additions to your patio that makes your patio at home even more enjoyable than before.


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