Electric Patio Heaters: Safe Heating

desain interior rumah minimalis type 36 72 – The toughest question you will be faced with when shopping for a patio heater is whether you should op for a gas, propane or outdoor electric patio heater. All of these have strong compelling arguments and great benefits. So what are electric patio heaters?

Simply, outdoor electric patio heaters are heaters powered by electricity that come in a range of different models.

Some models are wall-mounted, others are free standing and some can even be mounted on the pole of your umbrella.

One of the biggest factors that determine your ultimate choice is the availability of space in your outdoor area. If you have a limited amount of space, the best option for you will more than likely be an outdoor electric patio heater.

Some patio heaters have low overhead space (perhaps your patio area is below a balcony), which means that large propane units will be a dangerous an impractical option.

In this case wall-mounted electric patio heaters will be perfect, as they are easy to install and won’t take up nearly as much space.

Electric Patio Heaters Safe Heating
Electric Patio Heaters: Safe Heating

Many homeowners have complained in the past that propane and gas heaters tend to heat up a large area, but don’t do a good job of keeping their guests warm. This is a big advantage of electric patio heaters, as they are renowned for their radiant heat. This heat type not only simulates the natural type of sunlight, but generally does a better job of warming your guests and not just the air. Outdoor electrical patio heaters are therefore slightly more efficient (and focussed) and won’t leave your guests feeling dry and burned.

If you work on a budget, naturally you will ask what type of costs are involved with electric patio heaters. This will vary dramatically from one area to another. In certain countries, electricity will be more expensive that gas or propane, and in other areas the reverse. In most cases, electricity will be the cheaper option, but it’s best to do some research on this. The running costs is always in direct proportion to the frequency of use, so try to calculate how often you intend on using the heart to do a good cost estimate.

Outdoor electric patio heaters don’t release any noise or odour emissions. This basically means that you have some flexibility (if you have a free standing model) to use the heater in some indoor areas.

Other models tend to burn fuel and therefore emit a subtle ‘gasy’ type odour. This is not ideal, and also not a problem with electric heaters.

Electric patio heaters are also generally safer than its propane (or even natural gas) counterparts. With other heaters there is always the concern that something will catch fire or even blow up due to sparks and the heater’s flames. This is simply not a concern with electric patio heaters, as they are controlled by your home’s power supply (regulated by a normal switch) and presents no significant fire hazard either. Remember that this doesn’t imply wilful negligence with regards to keeping your electric heater safe. Always assume inherent danger if electrical cords are in play.

Electric patio heaters do little for your patio form a decorative point of view. They are however a nice way to heat up your patio without taking up too much space, and all at a relatively low cost.


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