Bronze Patio Heaters – Stylish Warmth

desain rumah minimalis 1 lantai 2 kamar tidur – It’s common understanding that patio heaters are more renowned for their practical functionality as opposed to their decorative attributes.

However, it’s also a little known fact that by choosing a certain material type for your patio heater, it can greatly augment your efforts for creating a certain theme or look and feel for your garden area.

Bronze patio heaters have a very stylish rustic appearance and goes perfectly with traditional outdoor garden patio settings. If you’re playing towards a vintage theme, or even trying for a more elegant approach, a bronze patio heater must be your first choice. The bronze heater looks perfect as a centerpiece, and equally great blending in with plants and flowers on the periphery. It really stands out from the crowd. Make sure to preserve these heaters with patio heater covers.

Most bronze patio heaters, if not all, come with wheels which make it easy to shift around and provide that extra bit of move ability.

A Decorator’s dream as changing your heater’s position by a just a few meters can dramatically alter the feel of your patio.

Bronze Patio Heaters Stylish Warmth
Bronze Patio Heaters – Stylish Warmth

Bronze patio heaters are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Most have a heat output of between 6kw to 15kw with an approximate heating area of 25km2. Technology also never seems to surprise me anymore, as the latest trend is for these patio heaters to have very efficient infrared radiant heating to directly warm people and objects. This is a brilliant energy saver, as no ‘extra’ heat is released into the air.

Also, gone are the days of manually ‘firing up’ the old heater, even the most standard models are produced with an electronic switch. As they say, ‘juts flick the switch and feel the heat!’

When you buy a bronze patio heater, also ensure that the bottom component that houses the gas (or propane) cylinder has a hinged door. This provides easy access to the tank whenever replacement or refill is required. Make sure however that the latching mechanism is heavy duty, to prevent accidental access to the propane cylinder – potentially very hazardous, especially if you have toddlers in the surrounding area.

Most bronze patio heaters have aluminum components that are protected with a bronze polyurethane powder coating. This coating is usually electro-statically applied by the manufacturer.

Most of the specs that a bronze patio heater has can be found with heaters manufactured with other material types, e.g. stainless steel heaters. If however your aim is to add an elegant decorative touch to your patio area, bronze will be your best bet.


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