Stainless Steel Patio Heaters

desain rumah minimalis 1 lantai 3 kamar tidur – When it comes to choosing the ideal finish for your patio heater, the question is more one of décor as opposed to functionality.

Aluminum finishes tend to cost less, whilst stainless steel will probably last you for much longer as the material is very sturdy and corrosion free – very good quality.

Some of the general specs

Most residential stainless steel patio heaters are commercial quality. Their attributes are similar to their aluminum or powder coated counterparts, with some subtle differences. Standard stainless steel grade of 304 is used in the manufacture of these patio heaters. This high grade metal ensures that these heaters will last for years on end.

Heating capacity and output is different for all models. The size of the heater often dictates its heating capability in the surrounding area. Many stainless steel patio heaters also come with a very quiet burner, which doesn’t emit any unwanted noises.

The heat can also be controlled through a variable heat setting. The weather is never a constant, so why would you want your patio heater to have just one heat setting…?

Stainless Steel Patio Heaters
Stainless Steel Patio Heaters

Maintenance Tips

Stainless steel heaters are built to last forever. Off course this is not going to happen all on itself. Proper maintenance and care of the product over many years will increase its longevity.

Some tips on cleaning you heater are to regularly use stainless steel cleaner to remove water, rain and any other marks. More stubborn marks on brushed stainless steel can be removed by a scourer or brush.

Always ensure that it’s applied in the same direction as the brushed stainless steel effect.

Remember however to NEVER use a scourer on highly polished stainless steel. This can leave marks that you won’t ever be able to remove – an expensive lesson I’ve learned in the past.

High quality stainless steel patio heaters can easily withstand whatever nature throws at it. However it’s wise to be safe rather than sorry and cover it up with a heater cover or, better yet, store in a safe place.

Decorating tips

Stainless steel patio heaters can be portable, table top or large free standing units that form a central part of your decorative effort. The ‘steel look’ add to a very modern feel on your patio, and you can therefore play around with many different decorative themes. This is unlike the vintage look created by bronze patio heaters.

Exactly how pivotal the stainless steel patio heater is to you patio’s décor depends largely on the prevailing weather conditions. If you live in a colder part of the world, chances are you’ll use the heater more often and would therefore need it to play a large part in your patios’ design. The reverse is true if you reside in an area with more sunny and warm weather.


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