Shower Curtain Rods

foto rumah minimalis– A few years ago when it came time to buying a shower curtain rod there were very few choices. Most of them were straight I shaped, white colored and very boring.

Today, however, there is a huge selection of rods on the market. Indeed, if you visit an of the popular online bathroom accessory stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond you’ll find that there are so many choices you might become overwhelmed.

When choosing a shower rod the key question to ask is what are the other materials used in your bathroom and which material rod will match my existing color scheme. One idea is to run your questions by an experienced interior decorator who may give some great advice based on his or her experience. Before you call this person make sure that you know and understand the various materials available which include, chrome, brass, nickel and gold color.

Shower Curtain Rods
Shower Curtain Rods

Another factor in the equation when buying this rod is to consider the shape. Most traditional rods as mentioned are straight. However, many modern bathroom designs incorporate other shapes. In this situation you’ll want to familiarize yourself with U-shaped and D-shaped rods.

One more component that you might want to consider when purchasing your shower curtain rod is a shower space extender. While this item will cost you a few extra dollars it will be well worth it if you currently feel closed in and cramped in your bathing space. Remember, this is a small investment but will make your bathroom a much more comfortable and beautiful place. Make a wise choice when you purchase and your bathroom will become the most beautiful room of your home!

We hope you’ve found lots of useful information about black shower curtains and other bathroom items here today!


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