Which Patio Flooring Options are Right For You?

arsitektur rumah minimalis – When considering what type of patio flooring options are right for you, you will find there are so many different types it can be hard to know which is best. For example, there is natural stone and wooden decking to consider,along with concrete brick,plus various other options. Each has various advantages and disadvantages,so you have to weigh them all up to decide which is best for you and your patio.

Clay bricks make the perfect patio flooring options for a smaller patio. You can also use clay bricks to make a feature as part of a larger patio floor. All clay bricks are made from natural materials that can blend in seamlessly with your home and garden,making them an ideal choice in many circumstances. They are also usually available in many different colours and textures. With this amount of variety and versatility you can’t usually go wrong with clay.

Which Patio Flooring Options are Right For You
Which Patio Flooring Options are Right For You

Natural stone is also available in many varieties,and like clay it makes a beautiful and durable floor surface. The only problem with natural stone as patio flooring options is it can be very expensive. However,putting the cost aside,you can choose from a variety of different size paving stones,depending on the patio effect you want to achieve.

Reconstituted stone is a mixture of concrete and natural stone. It is very durable and can be made into many different shapes. In fact in most cases these days it can be difficult to tell the difference between reconstituted stone and the real thing. Like natural stone,you will find reconstituted stone available in a variety of sizes,and is a more cost effective as a patio flooring option if you are working to a budget.

Concrete is probably one of the most popular patio flooring options,and a simple concrete surface can provide a cost effective solution if you are working with limited funds. Concrete however is not the most attractive of patio flooring surfaces,but can be covered by a variety of surfaces such as carpet or vinyl. Concrete however is a very durable surface and will last for years provided you use the right concrete mix.

A wooden patio deck can also be very attractive,and is generally a less expensive solution and can be easier to construct than patios made from harder materials such as concrete or stone. Wooden decks blend in well,particularly with a garden setting,and because wood is easy to work with,you will find it will be easy to modify later if you want to do something different.

If your patio is on a slope,wooden decks can also be a good solution as patio flooring options. The usual way of solving a sloping patio is to move hardcore and topsoil to create a level surface. You may also have to build a retaining wall. With a wooden deck however you can simply use different lengths of wooden posts to support your crossbeams to compensate for the different levels. In effect,your wooden patio deck then floats above the ground.


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