Winterizing Your Patio

disain rumah minimalis– When the weather begins to chill down and the days become cooler,if you live in a seasonal area,you need to winterize your patio before putting the furniture and accessories away. Though you have probably spent a wonderful summer on your patio,you need to ensure that all of the fixtures are properly stored for next season. Luckily this is fairly easy to accomplish and with just a few hours of your time you will find your patio furnishings are ready to come out at the first signs of spring.

Start with some basic cleaning of the furniture. Spots and stains on furniture and cushions will be easier to remove now than waiting until spring when they will have set in. This is also appropriate if there are times during the winter that may be warmer and you can sit outside for a bit to beat the winter blues. It is easy to grab the clean furniture without having any unsightly spots. You can,in most cases,use a solution of mild kitchen soap and cold water to clean the cushions and umbrellas.

A nylon brush works very well for these jobs. You can also run a vacuum over the cushions to get all the embedded dirt and grime off of the furniture. Hot water can be used on any vinyl straps or fabrics and you should use a vinyl sealer on these before storing. Dry them in the sun and air,and don’t store until completely dry. For specific spots,like rust spots from metal furniture,try a rust remover applied with a tough metal brush. Apply a primer and touch up with paint made for metal.

Winterizing Your Patio
Winterizing Your Patio

Hammocks need special care before storing for the winter. Take your hammock and submerge it in a bathtub filled with hot water. Scrub any spots with a nylon brush and mild dish soap. Allow the hammock to air dry completely before putting away,or you may find it filled with nasty mildew when you bring it back out in the spring.

For wooden furniture, gently wipe away dirt and grime with any mild cleanser. You can always sand away deep stains. Follow up with a wood oil preserver and do not store until it has dried. For metal or plastic chairs,you can gently wipe with a mild cleanser as well. When dry,stack them and cover if you expect heavy snowfall. You may also want to weigh the chairs down so they don’t blow away in high winds.

Grills on a patio should be thoroughly cleaned as well before storing for winter. This should include cleaning and soaking all the racks. Ensure the propane is turned off and keep covered.

For the actual patio,once the furniture is placed in storage,remove all leaves and debris from the surface. Remove weeds from the edge of the patio and from in between stones. Consider renting or using a power washer and go over the entire patio. Tough stains on the rocks or concrete can possibly be scrubbed out with a metal brush and heavy cleaner.


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