Tips For Growing Herbs In A Container

konsep rumah minimalis – Considering the changing seasons especially if you live where there are four seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall), it is advisable to put your desired plants in containers so that during winter, the plant can be brought inside. Growing herbs in a container can be easy as long as you know that they need fertilization every mid-season and regular watering as well as a good sunny window.

An advantage of growing your herbs in containers is that you can move them as you see fit. You can cover them from strong winds or raise them up from occurring and unexpected floods.

Tips For Growing Herbs In A Container
Tips For Growing Herbs In A Container

Growing herbs in a container has many uses. If you want to save space in your garden, can also use stands to level the plants and organize their placement. It’s up to your creativity on how your herbs are arranged. Some people like to buy decorative containers to make them more appealing and others put the plants in containers with different sizes and arrange them by height. You can experiment on the container as well; it can be a pot, a barrel, or even an old watering can. Another advantage is that containers prevent weeds from taking over your plant.

Do not fret if your plants wither during autumn, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh herbs during winter. You can always bring your potted herbs inside your house to shield them from the cold. Take note that the plants should adjust slowly to the changing atmosphere so better put them in the house an hour or two each day starting in early fall to regulate their growth. Eventually, place them one by one temporarily inside your house until the chill of winter is gone.

Apartment dwellers who want fresh herbs should consider growing herbs inside a container. An example of a plant that grows perfectly well in a container is basil. Another is mint; the growth is so fast and beautiful that you can eventually transfer it to a barrel. Parsley is used frequently in cooking and also does will in a container.

When growing herbs in a container, you must check the condition of your potted-plants during summer should not be forgotten in order to avoid dryness that might make them wither. Putting moss or small rocks on top of the container will help keep the water from pooling at the roots and causing root rot.


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