Update Your Patio for Spring

rumah minimalis terbaru– As soon as there is warmth in the air and spring fever sets in, you will probably want to get your patio furniture out of storage! One of best things you can do to renew your yard,garden or property is an update to your patio. Spring is a time of renewal and your home should be no exception. Keep things fresh and exciting with easy,but noticeable changes.

Even the simplest changes can update and improve an established space. If you are on a limited budget or have time constraints,consider new cushions or cushion covers for your patio furniture. A rearrangement can also work wonders for a dull looking space. Other very simple fixes include adding potted plants,planting flowers,small water fountains or concrete garden decorations.

Usually you can find many of these for less than $50. Another simple thing you can do to bring new life into your patio is a good power wash. Though you probably did this while winterizing your patio,it is always a good thing to do in spring as well,to rinse away the winter grime. Adding some rugs or concrete patio carpeting is also an amazing way to update the area.

Update Your Patio for Spring
Update Your Patio for Spring

If you have wood furnishings on your patio,sanding them down and staining or painting them can be the perfect improvement. You can also paint plastic or metal furniture. Using a paint or stain labeled all weather or outdoor use is the most durable for these jobs.

A great project that will liven up the area and that is fun for the whole family,especially if you have children or grandchildren,is decorating pots. Purchasing a few terra cotta pots and some paints and decorations can lead to hours of enjoyment and can give the kids something to do while mom and dad are doing the other duties it takes to update the patio. Try spray paints,sponge painting,gluing colorful glass stones to the pots or even mosaic patterns. Matching the colors to your flowers or plants which are on or surrounding the patio can really bring this all together.

If you are looking for something a bit more permanent,consider painting your patio. Not only can paint cover up any stains,it can brighten up the dull,gray color of concrete. Though paint seems to work better on covered patios,stain can be used on uncovered areas.

Concrete stain is actually absorbed into the patio and can mimic natural materials like stone or brick. A concrete stain is low-maintenance,permanent and will withstand the elements. Staining can be complicated,so if you don’t have much experience in this type of project,you may want to consider hiring a professional. If you really want to step it up with patio staining,consider stenciling or stamping your concrete. Stamping,in addition to giving your patio a more natural look,will give texture and patterns to liven the area up. You may find some great ideas at your local hardware or home improvement store as well.


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