How To Grow Garlic Easily

contoh denah rumah minimalis– How to grow garlic is all about knowing the proper steps obviously. Im going to show you the proper way to go about growing the vegetable/herb. Yes I know this is a vegetable gardening site but some people do label garlic as a vegetable so I figured I would go ahead and go over the steps to grow garlic. But first did you know there are now over 600 cultivated sub varieties of garlic throughout the world? Yea I know, thats alot and im not going to go over them all, instead we are just going to look at one.

So when do you plant garlic? Fall is the time to do this for sure. Of course this depends on where you live, so the months can be different. So if you live in Georgia it could be October while in Nebreska it could be August. You need the ground tempature to cool around to 60 degrees. This will allow for proper germination to take place.

When learning how to grow garlic you will also need well drained soil and the soil PH levels to be from 6.0 to 7.0. Weeds will get in the way so be sure to make sure the area is weed free before growing.

How To Grow Garlic Easily
How To Grow Garlic Easily

– You need to purchase some garlic bulbs at your local nursery.

– Choose the area in which you will plant your garlic

– Dig the planting soil dept to around 9-12 inches and add compost for keeping the moisture in.

– Make sure the soil is clear of any leaves, weeds or anything like that

– Plant the largest cloves from the bulb only

– You will need to mulch the soil next

– Growing time usually takes many weeks, up to 12 to be exact.

Thats it! Theres more you can do but this will work well if your just starting out. I hope this simple little overview on how to grow garlic has helped you. You can sign up to my free newsletter for more help and even ask me questions directly if you need more help. I hope this has helped you to learn how to grow garlic.


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