Planning A Vegetable Garden The Fun Way

rumah rumah minimalis– Planning a vegetable garden can be a lot of fun and easy. You have come to the right site! Im thinking about creating a community just for vegetable growers. You can join my free mailing list for more help and information. But for now lets go over the basics to preparing a vegetable garden.

You will need to decided if you want to do outdoor or indoor gardening. If your doing indoor vegetable gardening you might want to head over to that section of the site. If your doing outdoor gardening then I will go over the basics here.

Planning A Vegetable Garden The Fun Way
Planning A Vegetable Garden The Fun Way

First your going to need a cleared area to grow your vegetable garden. Yes thats right, make it look pretty if that’s what you are going for. You might want to go to your local nursery and let some nice little decorations to go around the garden. Nothing could be prettier than putting a waterfall in the background of your garden. But thats only for looks, lets go over some more things you can do when planning a vegetable garden.

You should make a checklist of what you want to plant. Its good to do this so you can go ahead and get the seeds you will need. You should also think about putting a fence or something around the garden to keep dogs and other animals out of the garden. You can get a pretty fence that actually adds to the garden also!

The soil needs to be well drained and should be organic in nature. You dont have to go the organic route but I suggest you do as its just better for you and the enviornment. The PH values though will differ from vegetable to vegetable so its important you find that out. You can find it out on this site or ask your local nursery. We are adding new vegetable sections on the site on a weekly basis, so if some of the vegetables your looking to grow are not listed right now just sign up for my newsletter and check back.

Planting vegetables varies from each type. But in general most veggies need water and sunlight. But we are not going to go over all of that since this is just the planning stage. Basically you need to get an area ready for the garden, decorate it, get some organic soil and get ready for some magic to happen! I hope this short overview on planning a vegetable garden has helped you, feel free to browse the site for more help!


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