Vegetable Gardening Questions Answered


“Last summer I had planted tomatoes and during the month Jun and Jul the harvest and the looks of the tomatoes were good . When we reached Aug and the heat was at the highest / too hot that is / some green round flying bugs appeared on the tomato plants and in particular on the fruits. They made gatherings on the tomatoes and changed the color of the tomatoes and finally almost all of the tomatoes were ruined. Those bugs in our Greek language we call : vromouses : and I think in English they are called GREEN STINKS and the scientific name NEZARA VIRIDULA.

I dont want to spray chemical pesticides so I ask you if you know if any biological pesticide will help control these pests. So please be kind and advise me if you have any clues . Sorry about my English not being perfect but it is not my native language.

Thank you in advance.”


Bacillus thuringiensis is a non toxic biological pesticide which I think could work for you. I have not not had the problem myself with stink bugs but have heard that this does indeed work for them. I hope this helps, good luck 🙂

Lets move on to Question # 3:


Thanks so much for the ebook. I do have a question. I’m concerned about older, treated lumber poisoning the soil. Is there any safe way to clean garden soil?”

Answer to question #3:

Theres a fluid known as Jeyes fluid which can work but it can also do more harm than good if your not careful. So im going to recommend another treatment known as the “Heat Treatment.” Basically what your going to want to do is heat up the soil to kill the undesired virus, poisoning etc.

But the thing here is that if you heat your soil up too much you will actually kill everything thats living in it which would rob it of nutirients. This would be bad if you used the oven heating method and would need to heat at a tempature around 160 F.

But im assuming you have alot of soil you want to “clean” so im going to give you a way to clean your whole area of soil. So we are going to use the good old natural sun to clean our soil! First you will need to break up your soil and make sure it is moist. If not your going to need to add water to your soil first.

After this you will need to get a large sheet of plastic to cover your entire soil area. Add more soil around the edges of the plastic to keep the plastic held down to keep the heat and moisture in place. Now you simply leave the soil alone for a few weeks before planting! I think most experts recommend you do this for around 4 weeks, so yea it does take some time but should do the trick.

I hope this helps some readers out there! It was alot of fun doing this! Sign up for my newsletter and enjoy the information I give you. Good luck 🙂

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