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Patio Door Curtains….Easy Does It!

jasa desain rumah minimalis – The case for curtains over patio door blinds is compelling. I sit well and truly on the fence when it comes to that debate. Reason is simple – both have merit in different decorative settings.  But for the patio door blind fan club, let me play devil’s advocate for just a while.

Here are 5 reasons to choose curtains over blinds for your patio door:

Curtains add decorative class to your room

If you are looking for something to add some more spice and character to your room, curtains are generally a better choice over blinds.

This doesn’t just stop with the actual textile which is available in thousand of colours and patterns, but also refer to the curtain poles. Poles are varied and can also give an extra boost to your room, e.g. metal curtain poles with patterns, wood poles, etc.

It doesn’t stop there either. With blinds a border is generally lacking that is superbly created by with curtains. Blinds only cover the patio door area, whereas curtains can also be used as extra decoration with the way in which it’s assembled and presented.

Patio Door Curtains
Patio Door Curtains

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Patio Door Drapes: Dramatic Decorating

desain rumah minimalis modern – I don’t know about you, but when I think drapery, I think of the British Royal family with their royal residence in Windsor Castle, long hallways, high ceilings and window draping flowing from – what feels like – the heavens.

I think patio door drapery and the word ‘formal’ springs to mind, supplemented with a touch of classic elegance.

OK, I may be exaggerating a little, but I’m sure you get my point.

I know a sense of formality probably reminds you more of your spare guest room as opposed your patio doesn’t it?

However always keep in mind though that patio door drapes do, in many instances, contribute to a successful ‘bridge’ between the indoors and outdoors. Consequently if your interior is more formal, you may consider drapes as a suitable decorating option around your patio door.

First, let’s consider the difference between drapes and curtains. Basically drapes are pleated and more formal, whilst curtains are informal and generally gathered. Both are in essence long flows of fabric. They can be styled in a variety of positions, opening and closing many ways…

Patio Door Drapes Dramatic Decorating
Patio Door Drapes: Dramatic Decorating

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